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Otic Prep

Chapter 53

Otitis Media Most common middle ear infection. Can become systemic with fever.
Actions -Anti-biotics -Anti-biotic/steriod -Misc
Benzocaine Local anesthetic
Phenylephrine A vasoconstrictor decongestant
Glyercin An emollient and solvent
Anti-pyrine Analgesic
Acetic Acid, Boric acid, benzalkonium, benzethonium Anti-fungal and anti-botic action
Carbamide peroxide Removes Cerumen
Uses Pain relief, Infection and inflammation, removal of cerumen
Adverse Reactions Ear itching, burning, Irritation and prolonge(Oflaxacin)d use may cause super infection
Contraindictions Cerumen drugs are not to be used drainage, discharge, pain, or irritation is present, or if the ear drum is perforated and after surgery.
Precautions Pregnancy and lactation, Olfoxacin(Cat C)
Assessment Infancy Pulling, grabbing, or tugging on the ears, crying, fussiness, irritability, and fever
Preparation for therapy Hold container in hand for a few minutes to warm to room temp, can cause dizziness if to warm or cold, leave on side for 5 minutes and put a piece of gauze to prevent solution running out.
CerumenX therapy Do not leave in ear for longer then 30 minutes and put a cotton plug in, leave in for 15 to 30 minutes then flush with warm water, cerumen is thicker in adults assess for build up when hearing loss is suspected
Risk for infection Contact Primary provider if symptoms don't go away after a week
Anxiety Reassure patient that every effort is being made to treat disorder.
Children infections They are more prone to recurrent otitis media infections
After use Replace cap or dropper, then refrigerate
After use Cerumenx Do not put anything in ear canal such as a q-tip, do not use for more than 4 days, if dizziness occur contact PHCP
Created by: Scylado
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