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Radioation Physics Quiz prep (HW, practice quiz)

The process utilized by the x-ray generator to make electrons escape from the cathode is called: Thermionic emission
X-rays originate in the: Electron orbits of atom
The person who discovered X-rays in 1895 was: Roentgen
The reduction of electromagnetic energy as radiation passes through matter is called: Attenuation
X-rays differ from alpha and beta radiation in that x-rays: travel at the speed of light
X-rays are a form of: electromagnetic radiation
The relationship of the intensity of electromagnetic radiation and the distance from its source is described by: The Inverse Square Law
T or F: Xrays can be focused using electrostatic lenses False: can be blocked but not focuses
T or F? X-rays travel at 300 million M/sec True
T or F? Xrays can penetrate bone True
T or F? X-rays have no mass True
T or F? X rays have no electrical charge True
The high energy x-rays emitted when a K-shell electron is ejected are called: Characteristic radiation
What is synonymous with Compton scatter radiation? Secondary radiation
The radiation created when a passing electron changes speed as it moves through an atom is called: Bremsstrahlung radiation
When X-rays are absorbed and excite electrons, this occurs Phosphorescence
Where does thermionic emission come from? heat off the cathode
The process by which certain materials release light when stimulated by x-ray radiation is called: Phosphorescence
Which of the following have no mass and travel at the speed of light? Alpha radiation; Beta radiation; Ultrasound; X-rays X-rays
X-rays are ionizing radiation because when they encounter atoms in human tissue they can: Remove orbital electrons
When x-rays are absorbed by temporarily exciting electrons in the input phosphor, the energy lost when the x-ray disappears is changed into: Light
Aluminum filtration of x-ray beams is required by law. Which type of radiation does the aluminum selectively filter out? Soft- low energy x-rays
How is the "Roentgen" measurement of radiation made? Ionizes 1cc of air producing 1 electrostatic unit of charge
Name the image intensifier screen which transforms the fluorosope's input phosphor light into electrons? Photocathode
For safety purposes the "maximum permissible dose" of whole body x-radiation allowed to radiologic personnel is: 5.0 REM/year
What is the best way to protect yourself from radiation? Keep as far away from x-ray source as possible
What factor does mAs have the most influence over on the cine film? Sharpness of resolution
What is the main effect of increasing kVp? Increases penetration
The individual points of light that make up the visual display on the fluoro screen are called: Pixels
Coronaries are cined in the------- inch mode (or field or view) 5 or 7
The LV is cined in the _______ inch mode (FOV). 9
The sharpest resolution would be seen on which monitor? 1024 x 1024
A contrast agent with an osmolarity of 1900 would be considered: Hyperosmolar
The new Standard International Unit replacing the REM (Roentgen Equivalent in Man) is the: Sievert
The digital format which allows images acquired by any manufacturer's system to be played on all other manufacturer's systems is called the: DICOM standard
If a cardiology fellow standing 1 meter from a primary beam receives 2 Sieverts of radiation, what do you receive if you are standing 10 meters away? .02 Sieverts
The process utilized by the x-ray generator to make radiation is called: Thermionic emission
Radiation can be measured in different units. What does the unit millirem measure? Occupational exposure measured at a film badge
Leaded eyeglasses are primarily designed to protect you from: Cataract formation
The chemical structure common to all radiographic contrast is a triiordinated: Benzene ring
The term "collimation" refers to: Using hard contour filters
The drug of choice for treating anaphylaxis which may be caused by angiographic contrast is: Epinephrine
Imaging systems are often evaluated by measuring their resolution(line pairs/mm). Resolution describes the following except: Depth of penetration; Discrimination of small structures; Image sharpness; Visibility of anatomical detail Depth of penetration
Non-insulin dependent diabetics who take Glucophage (metformin) should have the drug withheld prior to cardiac cath because Glucophage: Potentiates contrast nephropathy
Your patient Congressman Justin Atholl, has an elevated BUN and creatinine. He should take oral____ before undergoing contrast angiography. Mucomyst
All of the following are forms of electromagnetic radiation except: Light; X-rays: Gamma rays; Sound; Microwaves Sound
All of the following are forms of ionizing radiation except: Radio waves; X-rays; Gamma Rays; Alpha particles; Beta particles Radio waves
Inside the image intensifier, electrostatic lenses focus: Electrons
The x-ray energy that is powerful enough to make a diagnostic image is referred to as___ radiation: Characteristic
The patient radiation exposure during the case is displayed for the staff to monitor in units of: centiGrays
The ability of x-ray equipment to dissipate waste heat is measured in: Heat units
The most important factor in preventing contrast nephropathy post procedure in patients with normal renal function is: adequate hydration
In order to view an angiogram from a prior procedure in a digital system, which of the following devices is required to display the image? Digital to analog converter
According to the inverse square law, intensity is: Inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source
Inside the X-ray tune the _____________ rotates at 10,000 rpm Anode
The reason the x-ray tube is immersed in oil is to dissipate excess heat
Created by: ICVT2b



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