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practice test 1

what are the decisions to train specific task and knowledge item in the initial course based upon? a review of the occupational survey report data and subject matter experts' inputs
services journeyman (5 level) training primarily consist of what kind of training? OJT and CDCS
how long do individuals in journeyman (5 level) upgrade training have to complete their CDCs? within 15 months of enrollment
what rank do you need to be awarded a superintendent (9 level) with a recommendation from your supervisor? SMSgt
list some duty positions services journeyman and superintendents are encouraged to apply for. AFMAO, air force executive/joint chief of staff dining facility, MAJCOM IG positions, AETC instructors, services academy instructors, protocol, honor guard, CDC writer and services academy instructor, AFPC/SV superintendent, MAJCOM program manager, AFPC/D
what does CFETP provide for training purpose? the CFETP provides a clear path to success and instills rigor in all aspects of career field training
the CFETP is made up of how many parts? 2 parts
who develops the STA? HQ AFPC/SV
what are the STAs designed for? designed to help commanders ensure effective, standard OJT is conducted throughout the services career field
how many core areas are personnel required to be qualified on prior to award of 7 level? at least 2 core areas
rotation in a core area should be for how many months? 18-24 months
what is used to document all duty rotations? AF form 623a, OJT record-continuation sheet
what are several advantages to developing a MTL? can break down the list to show what tasks and skill levels are required for specific duty positions, you have a list of all the work center task requirements in one place, and don't have to memorize work center task requirements
what does the MTP include? MTL, CFETP, and AF form 797
what is the objective of the force support awards and recognition programs? the objective is to recognize truly deserving individuals, programs and units and share benchmark programs and successful endeavors throughout the A1 community
what form is used to nominate a person or program for an award? AF form 1206
what award is intended for individuals whose scope of evaluation does not lend itself to a particular activity or function? individual legacy award
what are the headings used on the AF 1206 for nominees for individual annual awards? significant self-improvement, leadership and job performance on primary duty, and base or community involvement
what force support squadron program award recognizes excellence in AF food service? John L. Hennessy Trophy
what force support program award and program recognizes excellence in AF lodging? AF Innkeeper Award
what are the primary goals of the marketing program? tailor marketing programs to meet these needs, communicate the right message to the right market, and to recognize the needs and expectations of customers and potential customers
what do managers use to indicate level of demand so they anticipate customer needs and respond accordingly? market size data
what do squadron marketing personnel use as a guideline when carrying out research? marketing corporate standards
when determining the appropriate media mix to include the use of the web, what guidance should be followed? local base policy and guidance with the AFI--33-129, web management and internet use
what is advertising? any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified organization
what are the guidelines of advertising? advertising media are the vehicles you use to convey your message such as flyers, posters, newspaper inserts, and direct mail, purchase or arrange for advertising produced especially for distribution on the installation or targeted to eligible customers,
who allocates appropriated funds? congress
for what are O&M funds used? day to day operations of the organization
at what level are procurement funds controlled? MAJCOM
what are the sources of nonappropiated funds? proceeds from the sale of merchandise and services from force support activities, membership dues, and income from other sources
list the activities that fall under category A mission sustaining
list the activities that fall under support category B basic community support
list the activities that fall category C revenue generating
what does a well-planned budget identify? measures progress towards those requirements and identifies operational and financial requirements
along with an APF budget, what types of budgets are unique to our career field? NAF requirements budget and NRB, NAF income and expense budget or NAF I&E budget, and NAF cash flow budget
what should your budget be consistent with? commander's vision for the organization as a whole
what factors should be considered in setting goals? mission changes that will affect base population operations, need for new equipment or repair of existing equipment, and amount of APF support authorized
when should FSS budgets be updated? at the completion of each quarter
the NAF requirements budget is prepared for a minimum of how many years? it is prepared a minimum of 5 years
who takes part in the review of budgets? commander, activity manager, and flight commander
what may the FSS commander or director establish to review and prioritize item son the NRB? to consolidate, by NAFI, the NRBs submitted by activity managers, and a budget working committee to review and prioritize items on the NRB
who provides accounting support to the force support squadron? NAF AO
what items require internal control? cash or cash equivalents, fixed assets, resale merchandise, and consumable supplies, and securities all require internal control
what is IMC? a plan of organization and all of the methods and measures used to safeguard resources, assure accuracy and reliability of information, and assure adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and policies; and promote operational economy and efficiency
name the reason a loss can occur? gross negligence, willful misconduct, simple negligence
who has the responsibility of preventing losses from happening? all AF military and civilian personnel
who conducts an informal review for losses up to and including $50? activity manager
the activity manager conducts a review and provides a brief written explanation to whom for losses over $50 and up to and including $250? RM
who signs a receipt to establish for the cash and property transferred to his or her custody? individual
who approves funds storage limits according to AFI 34-202? installation commander
who may not adjust an incorrectly rung sale on a subsequent sale? the cashier performing the sale
when may cashiers use marked money? during the normal course of business to make change
who makes a surprise cash count at least once a quarter for receipts on hand, change funds, and imprest funds? the activity manager or designated representative who is not involved with the cash fuctions
what do activity managers do to keep cash on hand to a minimum? make a daily deposit to the central cashier or financial institution
what are imprest funds used for? only for a designated purpose with special controls and limitations
what air force form does the RM use to maintain change and imprest fund cash accountability at all times? AF form 2557
where are blank check stock, coupons, tokens, and gift certificate stored? in a locked room, locked container, or safe
what is the primary consideration during a robbery? safeguarding of human life
when it is safe, who should be telephoned and notified that a robbery has been committed? security forces
why should the scene of a robbery be secured? to avoid unnecessary handling of evidence, to avoid disturbing any fingerprints left by the robber, and safeguard evidence for SF
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