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Interwar years 1918-

rise of dictatorships

This is an organization created at the end of WWI and designed to prevent wars in the future. League of Nations
What country refused to join the League of Nations because of isolationism? USA
Why was the League of Nations unable to control the behavior of countries? They had no power to enforce their decisions.
In the interwar years England was most concerned with ______ social unrest at home
France tried to eliminate any threat from Germany by building the _____ Maginot Line
The period in America after WWI and before the Great Depression was called the ________ Roaring Twenties
The invention and widespread popularity of radio and movies led the development of _________ in America. mass culture
The process when people move from farms to cities to work in factories is called _______ industrialization
The biggest economic difficulty facing Germany after WWI was ________ hyperinflation
Many Germans blamed the loss of WWI to this. "The Stab in the Back"
According to the Nazis, the stab in the back was carried out by _______ Jews and Communists
Hyperinflation, economic depression, and resentment over this treaty were all issues the Nazis used to gain power in Germany Versailles
Hitler used this method to take the office of Chancellor of Germany. democratic elections
This philosophy called for a powerful state and an all powerful leader. Fascism
This philosophy called for a powerful state, an all powerful leader and racism. Nazism
Fascists and Nazis were not afraid to use this against their political enemies. political violence
The Fascist leader of of Germany was Adolf Hitler
The Fascist leader of of taly was Benito Mussolini
Fascists were helped by Germany and Italy in the civil war that took place here in the 1930's Spain
A basically Fascist nation growing in power in Asia in the 1930's was _____ Japan
The Fascist leader of Japan was an army general called _______ Tojo
The 1930's saw a civil war between communists and nationalists in this Asian country.
After WWI, Germany was governed by the Weimar Republic
Wealth is _________ things that can be used to achieve desires
When people are afraid they often make decisions that are _______. stupid
The Weimar Republic finally solved the hyperinflation problem by ___ issuing a new kind of money and destroying all the old Marks
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