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CL III Solutions

2016 Contact Lens Solutions Review for test

which ingredient in Opti Free products destroys acanthamoeba? Aldox
how to care,clean and disinfect Hybrid and Sclera lenses? put lens bowl side up in the palm of your hand rinse it with soft lens daily cleaner that is approved for silicone hydrogel lenses. next rub the lens with your index finger in a back and forth motion then rinse it well with saline or daily cleaner.
what type of solutions can you store a hybrid lens in overnight? a peroxide system or multi purpose solution
Blink contacts lubricant eye drops and complete lubricating and re wetting drops are what kind of drops? lubricating and rewetting drops
Refresh contacts are what type of drops? lubricating/rewetting drops
clerz plus lens drops, opti free express rewetting drops, opti free lubricant eye drops, opti free puremoist rewetting drops, and opti free replenish rewetting drops are what types of drops? lubricating/rewetting drops
ReNu rewetting drops, ReNu MultiPlus Lubricating and Rewetting drops, and Sensitive Eyes Drops are what type of drops? lubricating/rewetting drops
how to use Clear Care ? wash hands place lenses in appropriate lens cage then rinse for 5 seconds with solution fill the lens cup to the line with solution last put the cap on the cup and soak over night for a minimum of 6 hours, do not shake.
what is clear care neutralized with ? neutralized using a platinum coated disc
how to use PeroxiClear? wash hands place lenses in correct lens cage then after they are removed from eye take out one at a time to clean lenses with 2-4 drops of peroxiclear and rub for 5 seconds each side put lenses back in cage(rinse for 5 seconds)
Peroxiclear cont. fill cup to the fill line with peroxiclear let set 4 hours over night after 4 hours minimum take lense out of cages and insert into eye rinse lense cup with peroxiclear and let air dry.
What is PeroxiClear neutralized with? neutralizing disc
How to use Oxysept Ultracare? Same as clear care except you add the neutralizing tablet to the cup before placing your lens cage inside to disinfect.(min of 6 hours) add a protein removing tablet along with the neutralizing tablet once a week rub/rinse with saline before inserting
What is oxysept ultracare neutralized with? neutralizing tablet(pink)
AMO (Abbott Medical Optics) solutions? Blink, Ultazyme Enzymatic Cleaner, Complete MPS easy rub and go, Revitalens Ocutec multipurpose , Oxysept Ultracare
Solutions made by Alcon? Clear Care, Clerz plus lens, Opti, SupraClens, Unisol Unizyme
Solutions made by B&L? BOSTON, Sensitive eyes, BioTrue, ReNu, PeroxiClear
Solutions made by Lobob? Optimum Soaking Solution Sof/pro2 SiHy
Solutions made by Purilens? Purilens
Solutions recommended for GP lenses? anything boston clear care no rub
Solutions recommended for soft lenses? MPS (optifree express /pure moist /replenish) Hydrogen peroxide (oxysept/ clear care /peroxisept)
Purilens is what type of cleaning system? Subsonic/UV disenfection
Oxsept UltraCare,Clear Care and PeroxiClear are what type of cleaning system? Oxidative/hydrogen peroxide disinfection
Complete MPS, RevitaLens, Opti-free,Biotrue, and ReNu are what type ______ bottle multipurpose solutions? ONE
What is the difference between Renu sensitive MPS and Renu fresh MPS? Renu Sensitive has Dymed Renu Fresh has Dymed AND Hydranate(protein remover)
what is hydranate? protein remover!
Which B&L soft lens solution has a dual disinfection system and list the two ingredients? Biotrue MPS the two ingredients are biguanide & polyquaternium
What is the difference between Opti-free Express, Opti-free Replenish, and Opti-free Puremoist? Express has polyquad & aldox Puremoist has polyquad,aldox& HYDRAGLYDE Replenish has polyquad, aldox & TEARGLYDE
When are contact lenses cleaned? immediately after removal
Proper procedure of cleaning contact lenses? wash hands/dry with lint free towel Start with OD& work over a clean towel remove right lens, put in the palm of your hand squirt solution on the lens and clean in a back and forth motion rinse with solution/fill case with MPS and place lens in
Which care system is better for patients with allergies? Subsonic/UV Disinfection ex:purilens
Weekly Cleaners(protein removers)<AMO and Alcon> Ultrazyme Enzymatic Unizyme Enzymatic
Daily Protein Removers <Alcon> Opti-free Supraclens Daily Protein Remover
Protein removers recommended for soft lenses? Ultrazyme Unizyme Opti-free supraclens
Protein removers recommended for GP lenses? boston one step liquid enzymatic cleaner progent protein remover
Opti-free Supraclens is used daily or weekly? DAILY
Ultrazyme enzymatic and Unizyme enzymatice are used daily or weekly? WEEKLY
Opti-free Supraclens is a liquid or tablet protein remover? LIQUID
Ultrazyme and Unizyme is a liquid or tablet protein remover? TABLET
What brand of solutions contain polyquad? Alcon
What brand(s) of solutions contain dymed? B&L
What is another name for dymed? polyaminopropyl biguanide
What is Aldox? kills acanthameba
Which brand of solutions contain aldox? ALCON
Which brand of solutions contain hydranate? B&L
Which types of cleaners have 3% hydrogen peroxide ? Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection
What is Chlorhexidine? Binds protein,fats, and mucous to soft cl (in high concentrations can be toxi)
what is thirmerosal? (mercury based- has been removed from most solutions) provided a wide range of protection against microorganisms TOXIC
What is Sorbic Acid? found in saline(extremely mild perservative) low allergic reaction used as a substitute for thimerosal (could cause disscoloration of cl)
what is borate? buffering agent to provide ph balance of tears
what is sodium chloride? added to make the solution isotonic (or the same tonicity as tears)
cleaning your case when using a MPS ? rinse the case out with MPS or hot water, turn upside down and let air dry
when to replace your contact lens case? get a new case everytime you get a new bottle of solution! or between 1 to 3 months
What solutions should you avoid with plasma treated lenses? avoid abrasive cleaners
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