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chapter 9

an immovable joint is: synarthrosis
a slightly movable joint is: amphiarthrosis
a freely movable joint is: diarthrosis
a suture is an example of a: synarthrosis
a movement away from the midline of the body is termed: abduction
which of the following movements is a good example of depression? opening the mouth
which of the following movements is a good example of abduction? spreading the fingers
the elbow joint is an example of a(n) ___ joint hinge
which of the following movements is a good example of hyperextention? extreme bending of the head backwards
a herniated interverbral disc is caused by: protrustion of the nucleus pulposus through the annulus fibrosis
in the knee joint, the medial and later menisci: act as cushions and conform to the shape of the articulating surfaces
small pockets ("sacs") of synovial fluid that reduce friction and act as a shock absorber where ligaments and tendons rub against other tissues are called: bursae
the synarthrosis that binds the teeth to the bony sockets is a: gomphosis
which foot movement enable the ballerina to stand on her toes? plantar flexion
rotation of the forearm that makes the palm face posterior is: pronation
decreasing the angle between articulating bones is termed: flexion
the shoulder and hip represent __ joints ball and socket
nodding your head "yes" is an example of: flexion and extension
you ___ your jaw when you grasp your upper lip with your lower teeth. protract
synovial fluid functions in: - lubrication - nutrient distribution - shock absorption
which of the following describes ligaments? - stabilize joints - are composed of dense regular connective tissue - bind bones to bones - are continuous with the periosteum
a joint in which two separate bone are fused together with bone tissue is called a: synostosis
the articulation between atlas and axis is an example of a __ joint. pivot
the act of "kicking" involves ___ at the knee extention
the joint that permits the greatest range of mobility of any joint in the body is the ___ shoulder
the cranial sutures are examples of: fibrous joints
a joint condition that is characterized by the softening, cracking, and wearing away of articular cartilage. the condition causes severe pain and inflammation. osteoarthritis
the epiphyseal lines represent: synostoses
the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is an intracapsular ligament found in the: knee
high degree of osteopenia that creates holes in the bones is called: osteoporosis
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