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chapter 6

a function of the skeleton system is? 1. body support and muscle attachment 2. calcium regulation 3. protectin of internal organs 4. blood cell production
the carpal bones are examples of ____ bones short
a rib is an example of ____ bone flat
this bone is classified as a "irregular" in shape vertebra
bones that develop within tendons are called ___ bones sesamoid
blood cell formation occurs in red bone marrow
teo-thirds of the weight of bone is accounted for by: calcium phosphate
the membrane found wrapping the bones, at the joint cavity, is the: periosteum
immature cells that secrete the organic components of the bone matrix are called: osteoblasts
___ are cells responsible for dissolving bone matrix osteoclasts
___ are stem cells whose divisions produce new bone cells osteoprogenitor cells
the central canal of an osteon contains: blood vessels
the interconnecting tiny plates and struts of bone tissue found in spongy bone are called: trabeculae
during endochondral ossification of long bones, the primary ossification centers form in the __ ans the secondary ossification centers form in the __ diaphyses; epiphyses
intramembranous ossification results initially with the formation of: spongy bone
what structure allows a bone to grow in length? epiphyseal plate
the lining of the medullary cavity of a long bone is called the: endosteum
the presence of an epiphyseal line indicates: epiphyseal growth has ended
the articular cartilage of a typical long bone is composed of what type of cartilage? hyaline cartilage
the nonpathological loss of bone that occurs with aging is called: osteoporosis
which of the following conditions would you possibly observe in a child who is suffering from rickets? bowed legs
after a fracture of the diaphysis has healed, the thickened region that results is called the: external callus
mary is 50 years old and has entered menopause. during a checkup, a bone scan reveals the beginnings of osteoporosis. her physician suggest nutritional therapy. what might she recommend for her patient? - vitamin C - vitamin D - calcium supplements
in bone, calium phosphate interacts with calcium hydroxide to form crystals of: hydroxyapatite
the hormone calcitonin __ blood calcium levels and parathyroid hormone __ blood calcium levels. decrease; increase
which hormone promotes bone-building? calcitonin
in normal adult bone, a portion of the protien and minerals content is replaced each year. both osteoblasts and osteoclasts are involved in this process called ___ remodeling
a lack of exercise would: result in thin and brittle bone
how would removing hydroxyapatite from bone matrix affect physical characteristics of a bone? the bone would be more flexible
on average, women are short than men due to: - earlier epiphyseal closure - higher levels of estrogen
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