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CDC 2A655

Aircraft Hydraulic Systems Journeyman (Volume 1)

What is considered the handbook for aircraft maintenance management in the US Air Force? AFI 21-101
What are the two basic categories of maintenance? On-equipment and off-equipment
Who approves the IPI listing? MXG/CC (Maintenance Group Commander)
Who is responsible to the operations officer/MX SUPT for the leadership, supervision, and training of assigned personnel? The flight commander/chief
Who directs the overall maintenance effort for their unit? Production Superintendent
What group has the primary responsibility for aerospace equipment maintenance? Maintenance
How many squadrons exist within the MXG? 3
Within MXS, what flight does the hydraulic in-shop fall under? Accessories
Your role in the IMDS process starts with what? Entering accurate data into the CDB
What IMDS subsystem allows the tracking of maintenance actions and has both maintenance and supply data Maintenance Events
What IMDS subsystem provides an on-line capability for maintenance personnel to document, inquire, and produce retrievals of maintenance actions? JDD (Job Data Documentation)
What section of AFTO Form 244 lists discrepancies pertinent to the flight-line mechanic? V (five)
How would you write 19 Jan 2011 on an aircraft or support equipment maintenance form? 20110119
What symbol in the aircraft forms represents the least serious condition? Red Diagonal
Which term is not an element of the maintenance training program? Cross-utilization training
Training people to do other tasks in addition to their primary AFSC tasks is called what? Cross-utilization training
Which aircraft periodic inspection is used to detect defects that could have developed during ground operation of an aircraft? end-of-runway
What is an advantage of a phased inspection over other inspections? It helps to reduce the out-of-commission time that might be required during a combined HPO and PE.
Which isochronal aircraft inspection is a "thorough and searching" inspection of the aircraft? Major
What MAJCOM operates the entire Air Force material management system? AFMC
What does the first part of an NSC indicate? National supply classification
What does the first position of an ERRC identify? Highest repair level of the item
How often does DLA issue FED LOG compact disks? Monthly
How many search queries can you process at a time with the interactive program in FED LOG? One
How many search queries can you process at a time with the batch program in FED LOG? Multiple
What computer system allows users to search for a supplier's specific information, such as their name and address? FED LOG
While conducting an inventory of bench stock you notice a due-out card in one of the bins, what does this indicate? Part is already on order.
Normally shop stock usage should not exceed how many days? 90
Who is responsible for the DLR program? Repairable support division
The standard price of a DLR item is charged against the maintenance unit if the item is no AWP and held for more than... 60 days
Before an item is issued for Supply, Demand Processing must have certain information recorded on what AF Form? 2005
What form is used to issue equipment on a temporary basis? 1297
What form does Supply use for a DIFM notice? AFTO Form 350
What is an important point to keep in mind when you are describing a discrepancy on an AFTO Form 350 tag? To be very specific
What supply condition tag would be attached to a part that has been repaired and ready to be turned into Supply? DD Form 1574
Once a defect is identified for a CAT I deficiency, the originator must forward the draft DR to the originating point within how many days? 1
A Category II DR submitted for a defect in workmanship must be forwarded to the originating point within how many workdays? 3
Air Force property responsibility is imposed "by law" on who? All military and civilian employees
What types of property responsibility can be charged to Air Force personnel? Command and custodial
If you are in physical possession of a piece of Government property, what kind of responsibility have you assumed? Custodial
How can personnel be relieved from property responsibility? Turn-in or transfer
Which TO tells us how to maintain and inspect a particular weapons system? Technical manual
In the basic TO numbering system, each TO number has a minimum of how many number groups? Three
The first number group within a TO number identifies what? The TO category
Which MIDAS TO number group describes the type of TO? Fourth
Using the MIDAS TO system, which TO would you use to find a brief description of an aircraft's system or subsystem? GV (General Vehicle)
What kind of TO contains an in-depth breakdown of each maintenance manual and master listing of all maintenance TOs? GV (General Vehicle)
What kind of TO contains operational checkout procedures? JG (Job Guide)
Revisions are made instead of changes when the basic TO consists of what? Eight pages or less
Safety and operational supplements to TOs should be filed in what order? Reverse sequence in front of the basic TO.
What TO deficiency report is used to identify immediate corrections that involve safety? Emergency
What percent of accidents is caused by nature? Two
When temporarily allowing a potentially dangerous condition to exist, you must... post warning signs
Which AFOSH standard covers personal protective equipment? 91-501
When is the wearing of metal-rim glasses forbidden? When maintaining electrical systems
How is an oil-free nitrogen bottle identified? Two 3 inch black bands around the shoulder
Which mishap prevention tag is used to warn personnel against potential hazards? Caution
Ear plugs alone will not protect you above... 130 decibels
How many feet in front of a rotating propeller should you stand? 25
What AFI outlines the Nuclear Surety Program? AFI 91-101
What method is used to certify individuals to work on or near nuclear weapons? Personnel Reliability Program (PRP)
A program designed to make sure that a lone individual cannot perform an incorrect act or unauthorized procedure on a nuclear weapon system, is called... Two-Person Concept
What program directs the installation of seals and indicators to verify that no one has tampered with or accidentally activated a certified critical component? Tamper Detection Program
Created by: rustyrose
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