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Haney Medterm c14-6

Surgical transplantation of a donor cornea (cadaver's) into the eye of a recipient usually under local anesthesia. corneal transplant
A group of tests used in evaluating the vestibulo-ocular reflex. electronystagmography
Application of a fluorescein-stained sterile filter paper strip moistened with a few drops of sterile saline or sterile anesthetic solution to the lower cul-de-sac of the eye to visualize a corneal abrasion. fluorescein staining
The examination of the fundus of the eye, the base or the deepest part of the eye, with an instrument called an ophthalmoscope through a procedure called ophthalmoscopy. fundoscopy
Extraction of a small segment of the iris to open an anterior chamber angle and permit the flow of aqueous humor between the anterior and posterior chambers, thus relieving the person's intraocular pressure. iridectomy
The excision of an opaque segment of the cornea during ophthalmologic surgery. keratoplasty
Distinct visualization of the structures of the eye at all depths using an ophthalmoscope. ophthalmoscopy
The process of determining the intraocular pressure by calculating the resistance of the eyeball to an applied force causing indentation. tonometry
The surgical excision of a portion of corneoscleral tissue to decrease the intraocular pressure in persons with severe glaucoma. trabeculectomy
Acc accommodation
ECCE extracapsular cataract extraction
IOL intraocular lens
OD right eye (ocular dexter)
OU each eye (oculus uterque)
The process of measuring how well an individual hears various frequencies of sound waves. audiometry
An examination that compares bone conduction and air conduction. tuning fork test (Rinne test)
Removal of a portion of ear cartilage to bring the pinna and the auricle nearer to the head. otoplasty
Devices that amplify sound to provide more precise perception and interpretation of words communicated to the individual with a hearing deficit. hearing aids
A surgical procedure with the insertion of a small ventilation tube introduced into the inferior segment of the tympanic membrane. myringotomy
ABLB alternate binaural loudness balance
AD right ear (auris dextra)
AS left ear (auris sinistra)
AU each ear (auris unitas)
dB decibel
EENT ears, eyes, nose, and throat
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