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Lesson 4 OB GYN

Chapter 13 Obstetrics and Gynecology

colpo vagina
episio vulva
hystero uterus
laparo abdomen
mammo breast
masto breast
meno menstruation
metro uterus
nato birth
oophoro ovary
salpingo fallopian tubes, uterine tubes
utero uterus
cysto bladder
oligo scanty
-gravida pregnancy
-partum childbirth
AB abortion - discharge of embryo from uterus before about 20th week of gestation
spontaneous ab spontaneous abortion - miscarriage
elective abortion legal termination of pregnancy
therapeutic abortion necessary for mother's health
abruption placentae placenta tears away from uterine wall prior to birth of fetus - emergency condition
atresia lack of normal body opening
breast cancer malignant tumor of breast
cervical cancer malignant tumor of cervix
CS, c-section surgical birth of baby through incision into abd and uterine walls
CVS chorionic villus sampling - removal of piece of chorion for genetic analysis
conization surgical removal of core of cervical tissue for biopsy
cystocele hernia or outpouching of bladder protruding into vagina
D dilation and curettage - procedure of widening cervix and scraping or suctioning out endometrial lining of uterus
ectopic pregnancy pregnancy occurring outside of uterus
endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue appears throughout pelvic or abd cavity
fibrocystic breast disease benign cysts in breast tissue
fibroid tumor benign tumor
fistula abnormal passageway that develops between two structures
IVF in vitro fertilization - test tube baby
pap smear papanicolaou - test for early detection of cervical cancer
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
placenta previa placenta forms in lower portion of uterus and blocks birth canal
premature birth birth of fetus before 37 weeks of gestation
PMS premenstrual syndrome
prolapsed uterus fallen uterus that can cause cervix to protrude through vaginal opening
rectocele protrusion or herniation of rectum into vagina
SB stillbirth - viable age fetus dies shortly before or at time of birth
tubal ligation surgical tying off of fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy
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