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Special senses

Accomodation Adjustment of the focus of the eye
Achromatic Without color
Afterimage Image continuing to appear in one's vision after exposure
Amplitude Maximum potential increase in optical power
Astigmatism Visual impairment due to irregularity in the dome shaped curvature of the front surface of the eye
Audiometer Machine that evaluates hearing activity
Auditory Sense of hearing
Cataract Clouding of the lenses
Chromatic With color
Cochlea Houses the hearing receptor
Concave Curved or depressed surface
Conduction Ability to transmit an electrical impulse
Cones Provides for color vision
Conjunctiva Thin protective mucous membrane in eye
Constrict Become narrow
Convergence Turning to a common point from same directions
Convex Rounded surface
Cornea Transparent anterior portion of the eyeball
Cuticle Outer layer of living tissue
Decibel Measure of sound level
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