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Chapter 5

Human Relations

Biohazard substance that poses a threat to human health
Community resources National, state, county, city, and private agency information and programs made available at the local level, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, hospice care, or the Multiple Sclerosis Society
Face Sheet part of hospital admission record that provides identifying data
Red flags rule Rule that states all health care providers who act as creditors need to have a written prevention and detection program for identity theft that includes policies and procedures to verify a patient's identity and targets areas (red flags) where identity t
Infectious Waste includes blood, urine, or human waste
Patient Instruction Sheet form given to patient at the end of a visit that outlines the doctor's directives and treatment plan
Registration kiosks Stand-alone structure providing information and services; offers self-serve computer system to register patients, update demographic information, and process payments in a medical office
Medical identity theft Illegally using another person's name or insurance information to falsely obtain medical services or products
Practice Information Brochure printed material explaining office policies and procedures
Professionalism conduct and qualities that are characteristic of a skilled health care worker
Reception Room outer office area for patients who are waiting to be seen by a physician
Sharps container Medical waste containers to dispose of sharp objects (e.g., needles) made of rigid puncture-resistant material that, when sealed, are leak resistant and cannot be reopened without great difficulty
Pandemic emergency New infectious virus, capable of being transmitted from human to human and affecting a large population over a wide geographic area to which the world population will have no or little immunity
Disaster Sudden event (calamity or tragedy) that results in great damage such as a threat to health or loss of property or life and may ultimately affect society and/or the environment
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Pages of information provided for each chemical by its manufacturer listing 16 criteria as outlined by OSHA's Hazard Communication Standards
Registration Form document completed by all patients prior to their initial visit
Universal Precautions policies and procedures for protection from infectious diseases
P.A.S.S. Pull, Aim, Squeeze Sweep (side to side- from bottom)
R.A.C.E.R. Rescue, Alarm, Confine, Extinguish/Evacuate, Relocate
Exposure Control Plan (ECP) Eliminate or minimize employee exposure to contamination
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