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Self-Test 1 Q&A 4-9

Self-Test Questions Volume 1

State two reasons for making splices in an interior electrical system. Splices are needed to connect wires in various parts of the circuits to form complete circuits that provide power. Splices are also used to connect and add ground wires so that all metal units in electrical circuits to reduce shock hazards.
A good splice must meet what two requirements? Must be both mechanically and electrically secure.
On small conductors, what is the easiest method of removing the insulation for making a splice? On small conductors, No. 10 AWG and smaller, many electricians use a wire stripper
What is the preferred splice to use in interior wiring? Solderless pigtails, or wire nut splices.
What is the main disadvantage of removing insulation with a stripper? When you use a wire stripper, make sure you use the cutting notch that matches the wire size to keep from nicking the wire. A nicked wire breaks when it is bent.
What is used to remove insulation from a No. 8 AWG conductor? A knife
How should you remove insulation from the end of a wire with a knife? Start by cutting the insulation at an angle of about 30°. Remove the insulation the same way you sharpen a pencil, being careful not to cut the wire.
What action is required if the end of a conductor is covered with oxidation? Use the knife blade to scrape the wire until it is clean
After the wires are crossed, hold them in position with a pair of sidecutting pliers (T/F) False
A pair of sidecutting pliers are used to twist the wires together (T/F) True
A pigtail splice should have at least three but not more than five twists (T/F) False
Bend the wire ends back along the twists to complete the splice (T/F) True
Solder the splice by heating the wires to melt the solder (T/F) True
What material should you normally use to insulate a soldered pigtail splice? Plastic electrical tape
How many layers of tape are required for a well-insulated splice? Four
What is the advantage of having a tape that stretches when you insulate a splice? It allows the tape to be applied so that a close, smooth wrap is formed. By varying the tension, the tape can be stretched to conform to angle and diameter changes to ensure a snug fit.
How is a solderless pigtail splice made? The insulation is stripped from the wire. Only about three twists are made in the wires. The splice is then finished with a wire nut.
If someone asked you for a blue wire nut, would you have enough information to make the correct choice? The color of a wire nut does not necessarily correlate to a certain size, although many manufacturers will use similar colors for certain sizes.
What two items are needed to make a compression splice? A splicing sleeve and a special crimping tool
What is the purpose of a noninsulated sleeve? To splice several grounding conductors together.
What kind of splice has an insulated sleeve that has one closed end? A crimped pigtail.
What are the two methods used for connecting the equipment ground to a box? Fastening the equipment grounding conductor to the box using either a grounding clip or a grounding screw. Do not use a screw intended for grounding purposes for any other purpose.
On a duplex receptacle, which screw connects the equipment ground? Continuity of the equipment ground must not be broken when a receptacle is removed from the circuit.
What grounding requirement must be met when more than one receptacle is connected in a circuit? The first is where the box is surface-mounted and there is metal-to-metal contact of the yoke of the receptacle and the box. The second is where the yoke of the receptacle is providing metal-to-metal contact of the yoke of the receptacle and a box.
What two situations do not require using a grounding jumper on a receptacle? Green hexhead
What are three reasons for making sure that terminal connections are mechanically and electrically secure? To ensure good circuit operation, prevent fire, and personnel safety.
What type of terminal connection is used most often on devices and fixtures? Terminal loop and screw.
What is the first step to do when making a terminal loop? Strip approximately 3/4 inch of insulation from the end of the conductor.
What tool should you use to make a terminal loop? Needlenose or longnose pliers.
Why must a terminal loop be placed around the screw in a clockwise direction? So that tightening of the screw will not spread the loop.
How are terminal connections made on fixtures that have stranded fixture wires already attached? Circuit wires are pigtailed to the fixture wires with a wire nut.
Which terminal screw is the ungrounded conductor connected to when connecting a receptacle or fixture? The ungrounded (hot) wire must be connected to the dark colored (brass) screw of the device or to the black fixture wire.
Which conductor is connected to the silver terminal of a receptacle or fixture? Neutral or grounded conductor.
What size screws are used to mount a receptacle or switch to a box? 7/8 inch, 6-32.
What is the maximum weight fixture that can be supported from an outlet box? 50 pounds.
What size screws are used to mount a fixture directly to an outlet box? 8-32.
How far must an unwired recessed fixture be mounted from the outlet or junction box? 1 foot.
What type of wire must be run to an unwired recessed light fixture? Heat resistant.
How are recessed fixtures mounted? Between ceiling joists with special bar hangers.
What are the minimum and maximum lengths of flexible conduit (or any other suitable raceway) that can be run to a recessed fixture? Eighteen inch minimum and 6 feet maximum.
Name three fastening devices used to mount a fixture directly to a ceiling. Any three of these are correct; Wood screws, hollow wall anchors, toggle bolts, or lead anchors.
When can wood screws be used to fasten a fixture directly to a sheetrock ceiling? When the mounting holes of the fixture line up with the wood ceiling joints.
How can an unusually heavy fixture be mounted directly to a sheetrock ceiling? By using wood strips between the toggle and the sheetrock.
What type of fasteners are used to mount a fixture to a concrete ceiling? Where a fixture is to be mounted on concrete, you should use lead anchors and machine screws.
What are the purposes for covering devices and fixtures? They provide a finished appearance, help protect the conductors and connections, and prevent anyone from coming in contact with hot conductors.
What size and how many screws are needed to attach a flat cover plate to a receptacle? One 6-32 screw.
Created by: RenegadeWolf
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