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Self-Test 1 Q&A 4-5

Self-Test Questions Volume 1

Name three types of distribution panels. Lighting and appliance panels, power panels, and feeder panels.
What is a lighting and appliance panel? A panel-board that has more than 10 percent of its over-current devices protecting lighting and appliance branch circuits.
What is the purpose of a power panel-board? To provide power for the operation of electrical equipment. Most of the branch circuits from the power panel are 240 or 480 volts.
What type of panel-board is set up to furnish power to other panel-boards? Feeder panel-board.
Why would a panel-board furnish power to other panel-boards? This allows branch circuits where they are most useful, with an overall savings in material.
What information must appear on a panel-board? The voltage, current rating, number of phases, and the manufacturer's name or trademark.
What are the grounding requirements for panel-boards where wiring is done with nonmetallic cable? A terminal bar must be provided for attachment of feeder and branch circuit equipment-grounding conductors. This terminal bar must also be bonded to the cabinet.
How is the high-voltage conductor of a four-wire, delta-connected system with the midpoint of 1-phase grounded identified? It should have an orange outer finish or be tagged clearly.
On what is the capacity of a fuse panel based? On the amperage rating of the panel's bus bars.
What is a dead front fuse panel? A panel that has no live parts exposed when the door is open. The cover must be removed to gain access to the interior parts.
What are three types of fuses used in fuse panels? Plug fuse, cartridge fuse, and knife-blade fuse.
What is the main advantage of a circuit breaker panel over a fuse panel? When an overload occurs and trips the circuit breaker, the breaker can be reset to restore the circuit without having to remove and replace it.
What is an added convenience of a circuit breaker panel? An added convenience of the circuit breaker is that it can be a switch to manually disconnect a circuit from its power sources.
Created by: RenegadeWolf
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