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Self-Test 1 Q&A 4-3

Self-Test Questions Volume 1

List the general categories of electrical loads found in buildings Mainly, lighting with some motor operation, fairly heavy lighting with moderate requirement for power equipment, and mostly power equipment with a small lighting load.
What type of electrical system would be needed to service a small building with lights only? Two-wire, single-phase system.
What type of wiring system is needed in a residence where an electric range and dryer are installed? Three-wire, single-phase system.
A pumphouse is being wired to provide power for three heavy-duty pumps. The pumps operate unattended, starting and stopping automatically. What type of electrical system would this pumphouse most likely have? Three-phase, three-wire.
A building is provided with electrical power to operate several pieces of equipment using 208volt motors ranging in size from 3 to 10 horsepower. Lighting is also a large requirement. What type of electrical system is needed in this building? Three-phase, four-wire system.
A building is provided power with a three-phase, four-wire system with a delta transformer hookup. Why can only two-phase conductors be used to provide power for the lighting system? Because the voltage from the third-phase conductor to the neutral is much higher than 120 volts.
Explain the delta wild leg requirements in regard to color coding and phase relationship on panelboards. The wild leg is color-coded orange whenever it is in the same enclosure as the neutral. The phase relationship on panelboards always has the wild leg in the center, or "B" position.
Created by: RenegadeWolf
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