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Self-Test 1 Q&A 4-2

Self-Test Questions Volume 1

What is the purpose of a switch? To connect and disconnect electrical circuits or components to and from the power source.
How are switches rated? Switches are rated according to voltage and amperage capacities for the job it is chosen to do.
How are single-pole toggle switches mounted? Single-pole switches must always be mounted inside a switch-box. A switch –plate is then installed over the switch and box. When you install a switch, mount it in the box so the toggle points up when the switch is on.
How many terminals does a double-pole switch have? Four
What switches may control a light or lights from two locations? Two three-way switches
A three-way switch has how many terminals? Three
What switches control a light or lights from more than two locations? Two three-way switches and any number of four-way switches.
Knife-blade switches equipped with three blades must open how many conductor(s) and in what order? All conductors at the same time.
How must a circuit breaker used as a switch for a 120-volt, fluorescent light circuit be marked? SWD
A circuit breaker used as a switch for a 120-volt, fluorescent light circuit should be mounted, in its highest position, so that the handle is mounted no more than how many feet above the floor? 6 feet, 7 inches (79 inches).
What is the device called that completes the connection between the receptacle and the equipment being served with power? Attachment plug
What is the function of a receptacle outlet? To make it easy to connect and disconnect portable appliances, tools, and other electrical devices
What precautions should you take when ordering a heavy-duty receptacle? A heavy-duty receptacle is ordered for a specific voltage, amperage, and number of contact pins required
Used frequently for window air-conditioners 208/240 volt, 15-ampere receptacle
Straight slot, used for ranges 125/250 volt, 50-ampere receptacle
L-slot, used for dryers 125/250 volt, 30-ampere receptacle
Parallel slot, wired with an equipment ground 120 volt, three-wire duplex.
Grooved case for alignment 220/440 volt, three-phase receptacle
Created by: RenegadeWolf
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