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Final Quarters 3 & 4

Review Quarters and 4a

Post manual sheath removal the head of the bed may be elevated: 30 degrees
For a diabetic patient with post cath decreased renal function (urine output 30 ml/hr), which of the following is indicated? IV saline hydration, mannitol 50 grams IV drip, Lasix 100 mg IVP, Hemodialysis, 60 Units Humulin I.M IV saline hydration
The pressurized heparin fkush which is attached to the PA port of an indwelling Swan-Ganz catheter should be pumped up to: 300 mmHg
The length of a pigtail catheter is: 110 cm
Which of the following would be a likely pressure limit setting othe power injector? 800psi
The patient has aortic stenosis. The physician crosses the aortic valve with an AR1 cather. You measure the LV hemodynamics. In order to prepare for an LV gram, what is the next step? Take the AR1 out, leave a 260 cm long wire in place
The Allen's Test is used to assess? Ulnar patency
Which of the following will increase the risk of atherosclerotic plaque rupture and accompanying thrombosis? The presence of disintegrating foam cells in the lesion
Daily checking of the defibrillator is done by? Charge and deliver into a "dummy" test load in the cradle
Which of the following conditions would predispose a patient to having an allergic reaction to Protamine Sulfate? NPH insulin
How do you document "patient has difficulty breathing while lying down"? Orthopnea
Universal precautions should be observed with? All body fluids from all patients
Hyperventillation would have what effect on arterial blood gasses? Decrease pCO2
An overdose of NaHCO3 would lead to? Metabolic alkalosis
Your patient arrives in the cath lab complaining of pain and coldness distally in the arm with a peripheral IV. What should you do first? Stop the IV
In an artery with a 50% stenosis, the blood flow is reduced by? 15/16ths
A dopamine infusion at greater than 20 ug/kg/min will likely result in? Peripheral arterial vasoconstriction
A five-year old child has cyanosis and clubbing of the toes but not of the fingers. A machinery murmur is heard at the pulmonic area. Systemic blood pressure is low while pulmonary pressures are high. What diagnosis is most likely? Patent ductus arteriosus
Resection with end to end anastomosis is the treatment for? Coarctation of the Aorta
Potential complications of bacterial endocar─úditis include all of the following except? Normocytic anemia
When atherosclerosis develops in a coronary artery, what could develop to bring blood to the rest of the vessel? Collaterals
Beta blockers and a hemorheologic drug like Trental/pentoxyphiline would most likely be indicated for? Syndrome X
Compared to saphenous vein Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts, the IMA-coronary grafts tend to? Be smaller in diameter and have faster blood flow
Mechanical external counterpulsation (ECP) is a noninvasive therapy for? Coronary artery disease
Your patient has developed symptoms of aortic stenosis including syncope, angina and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea. Untreated, the likely outcome would be? Sudden death from ventricular fibrillation within 3 years
Upwardly concave ST elevation is typically seen in the setting of? Pericarditis
With inspiration, when right atrial pressures do not fall and venous return does not increase, this suggests? Pericardial Tamponade
During PA wedge pressure measurement the inflated Swanz-Ganz catheter balloon momentarily stops blood flow and creates a static column of blood between the tip of the catheter and the left atrium? True
The ST segment is considered isoelectric and corresponds to which component of the ventricular action potential? Plateau
A mean cardiac axis deviation from +80 to +170 degrees might suggest? Pulmonary hypertension
An electrocardiographic sign of hypercalcemia is? Shortening of the Q-T interval
Angiotensin 2 causes? The medulla oblongata to release norepinephrine
Which of the following valve events begins isovolumetric ventricular systole? Closing of AV valves
Whose law says that the heart varies its force of contraction, or velocity as a function of preload? Starling's
Which type of shock results in an elevated wedge pressure? Cardiogenic shock
The electronic device that converts one form of energy into another is? Transducer
Stretching out the display of short lasting events on the monitor is accomplished by? Increasing the sweep speed
Gas sterilization is accomplished using? Ethylene oxide
Which equation describes the relationship between flow and the parameters of pressure gradient, resistance, radius, and viscosity? Poiseuille
Systemic vascular resistance best evaluates the LV's? Afterload
Infundibular stenosis is characterized by the following hemodynamic pattern? RV apex to RV outflow track gradient
You are working with the visiting Danish cardiologist Dr. Yoren Thane. He orders a Bumetanide drip at a rate of 4 mcg/kg/min. Your patient weighs 140 pounds. You mix 10 mg of Bumex in 100 ml of D5W. How fast should your infusion run in ml/hr? 154 ml/hr
Your patient has a blood gas with a low pH, a low pCO2, and a low bicarbonate level. You suspect? Compensated metabolic acidosis
Asystole is treated with? Epinephrine 1:10000, 1.0 mg IV push, followed by atropine, 1.0 mg IV push (repeat q 5 min)
Lidocaine may be lethal if given for which of the following rhythms? Idioventricular escape rhythm
Which of the following is true regarding right ventricular infarction? Nitrates and other vasodilators should be avoided because severe hypotension might result
Verapamil? Should be given only to patients with narrow QRS tachycardia or dysrhythmias known to be of supraventricular origin
Complications of endotracheal intubation include? Injury to the vocal cords, Damage to the teeth, Esophageal intubation, and Placement in the right main bronchus
CPR is in progress for an unwitnessed cardiac arrest. Immediately upon diagnosing ventricular fibrillation, one should? Shock with 200 Joules unsynchronized
Synchronized cardioversion is the treatment of choice for? Unstable supraventricular tachycardia
One should attempt to prevent infectious complications of intravenous cannulas by? Using careful aseptic technique during insertion whenever possible and Removing or replacing the cannula after 3 days
Potential complications of transcutaneous pacing include all of the following except? Injury to operator by electric shock
Which of the following forms of treatment would you use initially for a pulseless patient with ventricular fibrillation? Defibrillation with 200 J
A 70 kg patient with a recent myocardial infarction is in the Coronary Care Unit. He develops ventricular tachycardia and immediately loses consciousness. He is pulseless and not breathing. Which should be done first? Call for help and deliver an unsynchronized shock
All of the following are routine for the management of an acute uncomplicated MI except? Lidocaine
You have arrived at the bedside 4 minutes after the cardiac arrest of a 70 kg woman. An IV line is in place. The ECG shows fine ventricular fibrillation. There is no pulse. Two rescuers are performing adequate CPR. You should? Confirm pulselessness while preparing for immediate defibrillation
A 55 year old man is in ventricular tachycardia with a rate of 120 beats/min and has a blood pressure of 106/69 mmHg. He does not have dyspnea or angina. You administer oxygen and start an intravenous. Your next action should be to? Administer amiodarone 150 mg IV over 10 minutes
The paramedic unit reports a patient with pulseless electrical activity. While considering treatable causes, an IV is started and a saline infusion begun. The first medication you should give is? Epinephrine 1 mg IV
During cardiac arrest from pulseless electrical activity the most practical way to evaluate the presence of cardiac tamponade in a patient with distended neck veins is to? Perform pericariocentesis
What is the distance between the proximal and distal ports of a Swan Ganz catheter? 30 cm
a 45 LAO view of the coronary arteries is done to? Profile the RCA
Which of the following is capable of producing the highest velocity backward blood flow? Mitral regurgitation
A catheter measured as 3 French is equal to? 1 mm
The purpose of the heating device on the contrast injector is to? Decrease contrast viscosity
On the power injector the time from when you push the exposure switch to the delivery of the programmed rate for the contrast is called rate of rise or Transition time
On the power injector the maximum pressure setting is measured in? PSI ('pounds per square inch)
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