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Heart of Darkness Vocab Part II

implacable not to be appeased or pacified
vengeful desiring or seeking infliction of injury or harm
hovel small disorganized dwelling or house
begrimed to make grimy
portico structure with a roof and columns; porch
foliage leaves of a plant
frenzy extreme mental agitation; wild mental excitement
kinship a family relationship
frankness plainness of speech; blunt honesty
edifying to instruct or benefit; uplift
intrepidity resolutely fearless; dauntless
enthralling captivating or charming; to hold in slavery
luminous radiating or reflecting light; shining
languid lacking in vigor or vitality or spirit; indifferent
clamor a loud uproar; passionate expression on face
obstinate firmly adhering to one's opinion; unyielding; not easily overcome
incontinent unable to contain poop or pee
discomposed to upset the order of; unsettle
pensive expressing thoughtfulness; dreamily thoughtful
hullabaloo a clamorous noise or disturbance
restraint something that holds something back from action
inexorable unyielding; not to be persuaded
perdition hell; utter destruction or ruin
scruple very small portion or amount; moral standard that inhibits certain actions
expound to explain in detail
fusillade continuous shooting of firearms; outpouring of anything
lustrous having a shiny quality; luminous
inestimable incapable of being assessed, appreciated, or estimated
atrocious extremely shocking wicked cruel or brutal
untrammeled not able to be restrained
peroration long speech with lofty pompous language
altruistic unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others
ominous foreboding evil or harm
harlequin small snakes; jokester
vivacious lively; animated
despondency state of hopelessness; discouragement
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