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medical term c

Haney Medterm C14-8

what is the white portion of the eye called? sclera
what is the thin mucous membrane later that lines the anterior part of the eye? conjunctive
what is located at the upper outer edge of each eye? lacrimal gland
where do tears drain from the eye through? lacrimal duct
what is located along the edges of eyelids? eyelashes
what is the transparent, nonvascular layer covering the colored part of the eye? cornea
what does the vascular middle layer of the eye contain? choroid
what is the round opening in the center of the iris? pupil
how does the pupil control the amount of light entering? contracting or dilating
what is posterior to the iris? lens
what is on each side of the lens? ciliary body
radiating from the ciliary body are numerous straight fibrils called what? suspensory ligaments
what is the ability of the lens to clearly focus on a object at various distances? accommodation
what is the third inner most layer of the eye? retina
where is the highest concentration of cones? fovea centralis
what nerve cells are highly specialized for stimulation by light rays? rods and cones
where are the impulses of retina transmitted through? optic nerve
what is the only part of retina that is unsensitive to light? optic disc
what is located in the front of the lens? anterior chamber
what is located behind the lens? posterior chamber
what clear watery fluid is the chambers filled with? aqueous humor
what fills the lens posterior in the posterior cavity? vitreous humor
what can result if an injury to the eye causes escape of the vitreous humor? blindness
since optic disc contains no rods or cones, what else can it be known as? blind spot
what is continuous with the skin and covers the eyeball? eyelids
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