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Haney Medterm c19-1

Haney Medterm -c19-1

What is the physical increase in the whole or any of a child's body parts? growth
Is the intracranial volume of the baby's head head circumfrence
the measured length of the child recumbent
the eruption of teeth dentition
increase in function and complexity that results through learning,maturation,and growth development
a system for estimating the gestational age of a newborn according to factors of posture,ankle dorsiflexion,and arm and leg recoil Dubowitz for newborns
weight is an important indicator of the child's nutritional status
PNP pediatric nurse practitioner
What is growth chart? recording the weight of infant or child
What is head circumference plotted on? nomogram
What age is standing height usually performed at? 3 years or older
Length is measured to the nearest _____ 1/8
Brazelton Neonatal behavior assessment BNBA
What is BNBA? a scale for newborns
What is Denver II Development Screening Test for infants and young children? test for evaluating in children from 1month to 6years in age
How many stages in growth and development are there? 6
What ages are in the Newborn stage? birth to 1 month
What stage of growth and development is 1 month to 1 year? infancy
what ages are in the Toddlerhood stage? 1 to 3 years
the preschool age of the six stages is what ages? 3 to 6 years
What are the ages of the School age? 6 to 12 years
12 to 18 years is what stage of growth and development? Adolescents
Created by: sodie1304