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MIC-II Medical Terms

22 prefixes (& definitions) and 6 medical terms (& definitions)

myringo ear drum
neuro nerve, neuron
odonto tooth, teeth
onycho nail of finger or toe
psycho mind
nephro kidney
reno kidney
skeleto skeleton
thoraco chest, thorax
tracheo windpipe, trachea
vasculo small vessels
vertebro spinal column, vertebra
viscero viscera, intestines, organs of the body
naso nose
oculo eye
olfacto smell
pneumo lung, air, breath
pulmo lung
rhino nose
synovi joint fluid, synovial membrane
thrombo clot
vaso duct, vessel, vein, vas deferens
veno vein
laceration a tear in the flesh, producing a wound with irregular edges
myocardium the middle, muscular layer of the heart
aneurysm a balloon-like swelling in the wall of an artery
bilateral relating to or affecting both sides of the body or an organ
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) the death of a baby, usually occurring overnight while it is in its crib, from an unidentifiable cause; also known as crib death
hydrocephalus "water on the brain"
Created by: NancyLdelah1