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GREEN module

medical office procedures REVIEW

What are the rules for proper email protocol? -Ensure you have proper email address -Always use subject line -Keep message short and to the point -Do not use email lingo -Answer promptly -Keep message thread intact -Proofread your email -Be aware of security
How can a MOA deal with an angry client? -Genuine warmth -Respect -Empathy
How can a MOA effectively deal with incoming calls? -Prompt -Polite -Precise -Professional -Positive -Patient
How can a MOA effectively deal with outgoing calls? -Keep needed numbers handy -Plan timing -Be prepared -Make reminder calls, if needed -Stay on track -Know how to leave a proper message
How can mail be delivered to the health office? -Courier -Special delivery -Regular post
How can you keep appointment books confidential? -Keep out of view of clients -Put in secure place at the end of the day
How can you keep computerized schedules confidential? -Place monitor at an angle -Turn monitor off when you are not using it -Keep all passwords confidential
How can you effectively communicate your message when making a sign for the office? -Make the sign large enough -Large lettering -Simple but attractive -Brief and to the point -Clear -Friendly -Use humor
Name the most common types of communication tools used in a health office? -Email -Fax -Cell phone -Pagers -Blackberrys -Answering devices -Computers
What does pre-editing mean? -Filling in the times you know the provider is unavailable -Saves time when scheduling clients
What information is necessary when booking a referral appointment? -Demographics -Diagnosis -Consultation request -Relevant test results -Tests family doc ordered -Relevant history
What is a day sheet and what is it used for? -Referral purposes -Keeping notes -Helps doc keep to schedule -Gives an idea of how many more clients need to be seen
What information is necessary when booking surgery? -Demographics -HC# -Private insurance -Type of accommodation -Referring physicians name -Surgeons name -Provisional diagnosis -Name of procedure
What is an answering service? -Employs operators who answer calls fora broad range of clientele -Operator at a central location answers the call and gives client direction
What is an answering machine? -Many different varieties -Some may only give a message to caller -Others allow caller to leave message
What information is necessary when taking a message? -Name of caller -Name of pt. if different from caller -Phone # -Date and time of call -Call management -Message -Signature of message taker
What is plain language? -Speaking and writing so your clients understand you -Organizing and presenting information that focuses on client's needs -Keeping them in mind when you write letters, memos, phone messages or intructions
Describe the following types of scheduling: fixed office hours/open wave modified wave affinity combination double/double-column booking stream
fixed office hours/open Office opens during certain hours and clients may come whenever they like
wave scheduling several clients for the same block of time-i.e. allergist, endocrinologist
modified wave same as wave but with a narrower time slot
affinity scheduling similar appointments together- i.e. scheduling physical examinations on a certain day-
combination combination of affinity and random
double/double-column booking scheduling two clients at the same time
stream allotting a specific, unique slot for each client
AB Alberta
BC British Columbia
MB Manitoba
NB New Brunswick
NL Newfoundland & Labrador
NT Northwest Territories
NS Nova Scotia
NU Nunavot
ON Ontario
PE Prince Edward Island
QB Quebec
SK Saskatchewan
YT Yukon Territory
A/S allergy shot
AHE annual health exam
BP blood pressure
Can cancellation
Con consult
CPx physical examination
F/S flu shot
FU follow-up
Inj injection
NS no show
Pap pap smear
PN prenatal
PP postpartum check
Ref referral
V/S vital sign check
WB well baby
Created by: AshleyMcM
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