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practice test 2

what does air force corporate food system recipe contain? -contains the guidelines of the HACCP for all AF dining facilities -this I s the official source for recipes, nutritional information -maintains the database for the recipe index, WWM, and brunch/lunch and holiday menus.
what is the goal of the flight menu program? to provide top quality, nutritious flight meals throughout the AF that are attractively packaged
where can you find a management tool for planning and serving a good choice of a flight and ground support meals? the preface to the WWM menu
under the WWM, list the menu patterns or pre-selection for the flight meals? 9 large menus, 11 small menus, 7 breakfast menus, 5 frozen meal menus, and 13 supplement packs.
what meals may not be issued as a primary meal for flight feeding? small and snack.
when are bite-size meals authorized? when serving crewmembers wearing oxygen masks.
what two forms should be available to guest served flight meals? AF form 27 and AF form 468
define progressive cooking. cooking small batches of food to be available as needed.
what are results of progressive cooking? improved use of food, time and personnel.
how should leftovers be utilized from meal to meal? -do not leave leftovers in food warmers -if an item is to be used as a L/O, it should be refrigerated until needed heat the item to an internal temperature at 165 degrees and lowered to 140 degrees before serving
list two procedures that can prevent waste of meats and seafood cook at the right temperature to produce a more appetizing and satisfying product with the minimum shrinkage and always use progressive cooking techniques.
what can be done to prevent waste before storing fruits and vegetables? trim and pull out spoiled fruits and vegetables
what may excessive L/O from the meal indicate? poor planning
what contributes to plate waste? poor portion control, unpopular dishes, and improper serving
list three reasons why food may be unacceptable. food served haphazardly, servers with poor attitudes, and dirty utensils
list four ways to conserve fuel in the dining facility. ensure refrigerator and freezer doors are closed and sealed properly, ensure thermometers are calibrated, ensure all equipment is maintained properly, and use appropriated temperatures when cooking food
the majority of food borne illnesses can be traced to what five major risk factors. improper holding temperatures, inadequate cooking such as undercooking raw egg shells, contaminated equipment, lack of adherence to personal hygiene, food from unsafe sources
what foods most frequently provide the vehicle for transmission of food borne illness? foods of animal origin (meat, eggs, milk)
what microorganisms can be harmful to our health? protozoa, fungi, bacteria, and viruses
into what groups are food borne illnesses divided? food borne intoxication, food borne infection, and natural or chemical.
how long does it take for the symptoms of food intoxication and food infection to occur in humans? FT 2-4 hours; FI 6-24 hours
what are the most commonly recognize microorganisms associated with food borne infections? campylobacter, E-COLI O157:H7, salmonella, and Norwalk virus
what do the principles HACCP embody? the concept of active managerial control and encourage participation in a system that ensures food borne illness risk factors are controlled
what are the advantages of a properly implemented, food safety management system based on HACCP? better control of product inventory, consistency in product preparation, increase in profit, increase in employee awareness and participation in food safety,reduction in production loss, and increase in product quality
what are the HACCP principles? perform a hazard analysis, decide on the critical control points, determine the critical limits, establish procedures to monitor CCPs, establish corrective actions, establish verification procedures, and establish a record keeping system
what storeroom procedures are covered in the US public food code, receiving, and storage standards? storing foods and preventing, investigating, and reporting food-borne illnesses
what is one of the most important functions of storeroom personnel? to inspect and account for food during delivery
who does a storeroom personnel contact when items or products are of questionable quality? DSCP account manager
when should you store the newly received food? promptly after you inspect it for quality and quantity
how can poor quality raw materials affect the food service monetary account? negatively, to the degree that the level of service provided fails to meet AF standards
on what form do you report all unsatisfactory food? DD form 1608, unsatisfactory material report
how many inches off the ground should you store food? 6 inches
how should you store perishable foods? with enough space between items to allow for proper air circulation
what is FIFO? first-in, first-out
what is the major cause of overcooked, dry, tasteless entrees, which could lead to an outbreak for food-borne illnesses? improper thawing
who designates, in writing, access to the storeroom? the FSO or FSSC
what plays a significant part in the operation of any dining facility? storeroom operations
what is determined by conducting physical inventories? actual inventory on hand, accuracy of records, and effectiveness of internal controls
when do you usually take internal physical inventory? at the close of business on the last day of each calendar month and when directed by the facility manager
who conducts the fiscal year inventory? a disinterested person outside of the food service
list the procedures for conducting an inventory. use FIFO system, arrange items on shelves in the same order as they appear on the monthly physical sheet, avoid storing subsistence in open cases, store subsistence according to food groups or meals, conduct weekly and monthly physical counts, conduct spo
what items are included in the inventory? all food in refrigerators. freezers in the dining facility, all unopened containers, regardless of issue or consumption dates, and all food in storerooms.
what is your on-hand summary? dollar value of the opening inventory
can you use the on-hand inventory figures for the required physical inventories? no
how do we document transfers in non-automated facilities? use AF form 3516
when subsistence is transferred between automated facilities, where is the transfer control? inventory control
how do you transfer small amounts of medically condemned food? documenting it on the waste log with specific reasons why the food was discarded
where do you transfer large amounts of medically condemned food? to HQ/SVOFO
what does the physical count entry record? the difference between the facilitys physical and on-hand summary
what happens if the actual physical inventory does not agree with the on-hand inventory? identify and correct the error
how do you correct a discrepancy between the physical inventory and the on-hand summary? enter inventory control, go to the physical count, and then enter in the required field for each item
what are subsistence requirements? the food you need for the menus you plan
how does forecasting benefit your customers? by having advertised menus available
how do food service automated reports help you? by taking away some of the tedious tasks you were responsible for under the manual system
what does the sales and cost report summarize? it summarizes the results from processed sales and item transactions
what does the sales and cost report list? -percentages for a variety of time periods - sales and cost -gross profit amounts
what is the purpose of corporate reporting? gathers data from all facilities on base and provides centralized reporting for the food services officer or food service section chief
list three reasons for an item to have an uncosted quantity. incorrectly invoiced or processed items, personnel did not follow transfer procedures, incorrectly wasted items.
what are some ways to correct uncosted quantities? - check waste amounts and ensure the unit of measure is correct - check recent invoice entries on problem items and check unit measure received -review recipes and determine if any one recipe is deducting too much of the product per usage
what does the sales offset report summarize? headcount and cash collected for the entire day
what is the ESM monthly report? listing of a squadron's vaild ESM members
why must the transfer reconciliation report be run? to ensure all transfers are recorded on the same day for all facilities
for what is the cash reconciliation report used? to compare dollar amounts with deposit slips and cash register receipts
who must verify the amounts on the cash reconciliation report at least monthly? the FSO or FSSC
list the line items found in the cash reconciliation report unit:unit name, count amount; and reporting period total, and reporting period; number; description
what does each dining facility in the US AF have assigned to it under the CFS system? a unit number
what does the sales offset report list? general ledger activity resulting from processed waste log transaction for the entire week
who issues the order confirmation and how is it received? STORES website; via e-mail
what is the order confirmation compared? the purchase order
what are the three types of journals? transaction, sales, and history
what does the transaction journal contain? information about unprocessed transactions
what do the sale journal allow you to do? assemble reports based on unprocessed information in a sales day
what are two types of sales journal? sales and offset
where can processed transactions be found? a history journal
what are the types of history journals? -cost correction purchase -adjustment
how many types of available adjustment history journals are there and what are the names? two. raw/finished waste; transfers out of the facility
who fully and accurately accounts for the meals served? the FSO or FSSC and food service managers
what does AF form 79 verify? the daily amount cash collected and the number of ESM personnel served
for what does AF form1119-1 account? all types of meals, to include flight meals, and record cash collected for them on AF form 79
what does the DD form 1131 report? any cash overages and shortages
for what does AF form 1254 account? signatures recorded on the AF form 79
how do you use the AF form 1305? to account for forms and cash issued to cashiers
what is the first step when manually adjusting a recipe yield? to obtain a working factor by dividing the number of servings needed by 100
what is the difference between a weight and a measure? a weight is a solid ingredient and a measure is any ingredient that is liquid and can be measured with a measuring cup or spoon
how many quarts equal one gallon? 4
besides playing a major role in communicating between a base's food service operation and the prime vendor, what other roles does the prime vendor account representative perform? -oversees the prime vendor program; acts as the liaison between the base and the DLA -ensures information is current and constant; approves items for use in facilities -functions as a communications director and monitor; and develops requirements for ca
what are benefits of using a prime vendor? one stop shopping; inventory reduction; door to door delivery; quality and technical support
when can customers expect to receive their food after placing an order? 48 hours
when was the frequency of vendors' deliveries set? during the initial set up of the prime vendor
name one selling of the selling points of the prime vendor program. the facilities can reduce their inventory levels because of frequent deliveries of items ordered
Created by: allice1045
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