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Haney medterm c13-4

Define polyphagia excessive eating
Define polydipsia Excessive thirst
A condition characterized by severe cramping and twitching of the muscles and sharp flexion of the wrist and ankle joints; a complication of hypocalcemia. Tetany
Define hypothyroidism Less than normal activity of the thyroid gland.
What is hyperplasia of the thyroid gland? Goiter
Define Thyroiditis Chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland, leading to enlargement of the thyroid gland.
What is medulla? the internal part of a structure or organ
The excretion of excessively large amounts of urine. polyuria
An acute, sometime fatal, incident of overactivity of the thyroid gland resulting in excessive secretion of thyroid hormone. Thyrotoxicosis
Explain Cushing's Syndrome A condition of the adrenal gland in which there is a cluster of symptoms occurring as a result of an excessive amount of cortisol or ACTH circulating in the blood.
The development of male secondary sex characteristics in the female due to the excessive secretion of adrenocortical androgens from the adrenal cortex. Virilism
what are T cells? Specialized lymphocytes that are involved in the immune respone.
What does ACTH stand for? Adrenocorticotropic hormone
What does K stand for Potassium
GH stands for what? Growth Hormone
What is A echogram? An ultrasound examination important in distinguishing solid thyroid nodules from cystic nodules.
What does FBS stand for? fasting blood sugar
What does Na stand for sodium
What is pancreatitis an acute or chronic destructive inflammatory conidition of the pancreas.
What does the serum glucose tests measure? the amount of glucose in the blood at the time the sample drawn.
What do thyroid function tests do? tests that measure the blood levels of hormones T3, T4 and TSH
What does LTH stand for? Lactogenic Hormone
What does GTT stand for Glucose tolerance test
What does HDL stand for? High density lipoprotein.
what does DI stand for? diabetes insipidus
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