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Self-Test 1 Q&A 1-2

Self-Test Questions Volume 1

By using _______, customers can challenge prices on items that seem to be too high. The Zero Overpricing Program (ZOP)
The Air Force created the _______ program to reduce administrative expenses, decrease purchase costs, expedite purchases, and ensure timely vendor payment. Government Purchase Card (GPC)
A means to review all document numbers D04
Provides data for review of priority due-outs D18
Used to monitor bench stock support effectiveness M24
Used to monitor and verify validity of due-outs M30
Show all repair cycle items in AWP status D19
Lists recommended bench stock additions M04
Data for reviewing existing bench stock levels S03
Lists items authorized on bench stock S04
Data for review of current due-out requirements R31
Used to review in-house repair capability program Q04
Listing of authorized and in-use equipment R14
The using shop is required to flag bench stock bins with a red indicator when the bin has _______ of the authorized quantity. 50% or less
Organizational bench stock items with no demand for 270 calendar days are flagged for deletion by base supply. The decision for deletion is left to ________. The using organization
Local purchase of an item can be requested if _______. It is in the best interest of the government in terms of quality, timeliness, and cost.
Customers are responsible for ordering and using recycled products except _______. When those products do not meet minimum quality standards for their intended use.
The purpose of a supply point is _______. To make assets readily available to the using activity.
A due-out is created when a requirement is placed on the Supply System and _______. Insufficient assets are on hand to satisfy the request.
Equipment is defined as _______. All items of a durable nature capable of continuing or repetitive use by an individual or organization; all items other than supplies needed to outfit an individual or organization.
The Repair Cycle Support System established control over assets to insure these are ________. Repaired at base level or sent to a repair facility as fast as possible.
Created by: RenegadeWolf
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