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Shakespeare & Globe

Review for Shakespeare, Sonnets, and The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare was born and died on this day ________ April 23
William Shakespeare was a poet, playwright, and ________. actor
During Shakespeare's time, _________ were actors. males
Shakespeare was born in ___________. Stratford-Upon-Avon
Shakespeare wrote comedies, histories, and _________. tragedies
Plays were performed during the day because ____________ was needed. daylight
Shakespeare wrote ________ plays. 34
___________ were people who paid a penny to stand in the pit. Groundlings
Romeo and Juliet is a play about __________ lovers. star-crossed
Plays were announced by the sound of a __________. trumpet
A line of poetry with 10 syllables following an untressed, stressed pattern is called ________________. iambic pentameter
Any two syllables that are unstressed, stressed is called a(an) ________. iambic foot
ABAB CDCD EFEF GG is the rhyme scheme of a _______________. sonnet
A sonnet must have ______ lines. 14
This “chamber” was used for most of the bedroom and balcony scenes. upper stafe
Where the main action of the play took place, especially outdoor scenes of battlefields, forests, and cityscapes. main stage
Actors playing ghosts or witches could rise or descend through this door built into the main stage. trap door
Three seating sections. gallery
Signifies which type of play was being performed. flag
Dressing and storage rooms. Actors rested here between scenes and changed into costumes. The doors also served as exits and entrances for the actors. tiring house
Consisted of a canopy supported by pillars and a hut on top. heavens
Audiences paid one penny to stand here and watch the performance, rain or shine. open yard
This stage was used mostly for indoor scenes. It had a curtain that could be opened or closed for scene changes. innerstage
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