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Haney med term7

Haney Medterm c14 7

What is the term that is pertaining to sound of hearing? Acoustic
What is a recording of the faintest sound an individual is able to hear? Audiogram
What term pertains to the sense of hearing? Auditory
Pertaining to the ear. aural
What term pertains to the ear and the temporal area? Auriculotemporal
What term describes the change of pressure in the middle ear caused by changes in atmospheric pressure? Barotitis media
Inflammation of the inner ear. labyrinthitis
Surgical removal of the stapes and insertion of a graft and prosthesis. Stapedectomy
A sensation of spinning around or having things in the room or area spinning around the person. Vertigo
What is drainage from the ear called? Otorrhea
Double vision caused by each eye focusing separately. ambiopia
What term describes an absence of the lens of the eye? aphakia
Dullness or dimness of vision is called? amblyopia
An inequality in the diameter of the pupils of the eyes. anisocoria
watery. aqueous
A pupil that constricts on accommodation but not in response to light. Argyll-Robertson pupil
relaxation of the skin of the eyelid. the skin may droop over the edge of the eyelid when the eyes are open. blepharochalasis
Inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye; may be caused by a bacterial infection, allergy, or a response to the environment. conjunctivitis
twitching of the eyelid muscles, may be due to eyestrain or nervous irritability. blepharoptosis
pertaining to the cornea. corneal
paralysis of the ciliary muscle of the eye. cycloplegia
inflammation of the lacrimal gland. dacryoadenitis
excessive flow of tears. dacryorrhea
double vision caused by each eye focusing separately. diplopia
inflammation of the outermost layers of the sclera. episcleritis
Created by: Anthony_Zampieri