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Haney GenpathC15-12

Whats the most common reason why people seek medical advice? Pain
What is pain? sensation of hurting
What is the purpose of pain? warning that something is wrong in normal body functioning.
List some things that pain warns you about? Inflammation, tissue damage, infection, bodily injury, or trauma.
What are three types of pain? Acute, Chronic, and Terminal pain.
Chronic pain may be associated with what? A decrease in sleep, libido, and appetite.
Terminal pain cab be either what two types of pain? Acute or chronic
What are some choices of treatment for pain? Medications,surger
Name three types of medications used to eliminate pain? Analgesics, anesthetics, and anti-inflammatory.
How can surgery help treat pain? It may be used to block transmission of pain or to remove the cause of pain.
Relaxation therapy is used to reduce what type of pain? Exacerbate pain.
Imagery therapy is used to do what? To produce relaxation and increase the production of edorphins.
Humor, Laughter, and play do what for pain? It makes it an antidote for pain.
Music is beleived to do what to pain? alleviate pain
What does Biofeedback do in helping pain? Helps an indicidual gain voluntary control over norlmally involuntary physiological functions.
What does TENS stand for? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.
What does autohypnosis do for pain? effective when a person is motivated and pain is a strong motivation force.
Created by: coon44