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haney genpath c1207

You should follow proper lifting techniques to prevent which disease? herniated intervertebral disk
What is the inflammatory connective tissue disorder in which cells and tissues throughout the body are damaged by antibodies and there is no known preventions? systemic lupus erythematosus
There is no known prevention to this disease that is characterized by chronic metabolic skeletal disease. pagets disease
Prevention for this disease is fractures of conscientious adherence to safety rules at work and play? fractures
Ensuring an adequate dietary vitamin D intake could help protect you from what? osteomalacia
After surgery extreme care must be taken to avoid contamination so that this disease does not form... osteomyelitis
Prevention includes: a calcium rich diet, multivitamins, and exercising daily. osteoporosis
Maintaining good posture is the prevention for which diseases? lordosis kyphosis scoliosis
There is no known prevention for this disease which is characterized by chronic inflammatory process of the joints and bones resulting in degeneration of joint cartilage and hypertrophy of surrounding bone. osteoarthritis
No specific prevention but a low purine diet and maintaining adequate hydration may lessen the chance of this disease. gout
Prevention of these injuries include: warming up when preparing for exercise or physical activity, following safety precautions, and recognizing personal physical examination. sprains and strains
Avoid repetitive movements of the wrist and hands, use wrist rests at computer keyboards. carpal tunnel syndrome
This chronic progressive neuromuscular disease that produces progressive sporadic weakness and exhaustion of muscles has no known prevention. myasthenia gravis
Prevention of strenuous exercise or overuse that would stress or place pressure on a tendon. tendonitis
chronic progressive disease of connective tissue characterized by edema, inflammation, and degeneration of muscles has no specific prevention. polymyositis
carriers of this disease may want to receive genetic counseling regarding the risks of transmitting this disease. duchennes muscular dystrophy
This disease is a chronic systemic inflammatory disease affecting the synovial membranes of multiple joints has no known prevention. rheumatoid arthritis
Avoiding trauma and strenuous exercise that might stress or cause pressure on a joint is prevention for which disease? bursitis
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