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esws part 1

Who is overall in charge of the boat and enlisted crew Coxswain
What does RHIB stand for Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
What is the maximum allowable capacity for the RHIB? a. 15 b. 18 c. 21 d. 10 18
How many UNREP stations are onboard MCB? a. 7 b. 9 c. 5 d. 6 9
What is the purpose of SSES I&W Over the Horizon support to the ship
What is the video camera used to determine fire control calculations? a. TIC b. OSS c. MSS d. IDS OSS
Provide the ff characteristics for MCB length beam navigational draft displacement tons length: 509' 6/11" beam: 66' 7" navigational draft: 33' 10" displacement tons: 9180
What type of helo is normally embarked onboard MCB? SH-60
The permission to start engines and engage rudders is what type of deck? a. red b. warm c. hot d. amber amber
T or F The Main Propolsion Assistant is also the Gas Free Engineer? F
who is in charge of engineering inport in the absence of CHENG and the MPA? a. AMPA b. DCA c. EDO d. ELECTRO EDO
How many air conditioning plants in MCB a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 4
What type of water cools SPY-1D a. Chilled salt b. fresh c. grey d. air cooled chilled salt
Provide the ff engineering definitions for SPAM Start/Prairie/Anti-icing/Masker Air
Where is the location of the Prairie Air Cooler? a. MER 1 b. MER 2 c. AUX 1 d. BOTH A &B BOTH A&B
What are the three modes of VCHT? In-port/At Sea/In Transit
How many fuel oil service pumps are in each MER? Two
Provide the normal operating pressures for LP air: Emergency unit: Stand by unit: Lead unit: 115 120 125
What is the acronym of the system used to angle the attack of the propeller blades? a. CRP b. PPP c. EPACC d. None of the Above CRP
What is the maximum angle range of the CRP system? a. -61 percent astearn, +120 percent ahead b. -45 percent astearn, +100 percent ahead c. -50 percent astearn, +110 percent ahead d. -80 percent astearn, +120 percent ahead -61 percent astearn, +120 percent ahead
what is the system used to prevent the ship hull from rusting? a. Chemical Protective System b. Repulsed Electron Protection System c. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System d. Inverse Electron Protective System c. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
Where is MCBs GTG located? clue: how many questions is this covering?
what is MCB GTG output rating? Amps: Kilowatt: Voltage: Frequency: Amps: 4009 Kilowatt: 2500 Voltage: 450 Frequency: 60
(True or False) JP-5 is the preferred fuel for the GTMs. False
State MCBs fuel capacities: F-76: JP-5: F-76: 382,777 FuN House MuFFiNs served on 777 JP-5: 29,147 JP who is Five twisted KnoB on Top floor where there is a ClowN
How many Seawater cooling pumps are there? a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 d. 7 5
where is pump #2 located? a. aft steering b. MER#1 c. shaft alley d. AUX#1 MER#1
What does RAST stand for? Recovery, Assist, Securing, Transversing
how many cells fore and aft are associated with the VLS onboard MCB? 32FWD/64AFT
How many chaff launchers are port side of MCB? a. 3 b. 9 c. 12 d. 15 3
(True or False) The SLQ-32 on board MCB has jamming capabilities. False
SLQ-25 is another name for: a. Nixie b. Gertrude c. Aegis d. Prairie Air Masker Nixie
What is the ship's standard water consumption? a. 40 gallons/person/day b. 50 gallons/person/day c. 27.5 gallons/person/day d. unlimited a. 40 gallons/person/day
Where are the potable water tanks stored on the ship? a. Below the mess decks b. MER 2 c. shaft alley d. AUX 1 d. AUX 1
How many gallons of water can the ship produce per day? 12,000 Gal
What enables MCB air assets to communicate with the ship? A. BULLHORN B. SEALINK C. HAWKLINK D. GERTRUDE C. HAWKLINK
What are the names of MCB RHIBS? Helldiver/Avenger
Name three frequencies MCB is able to receive? EHF/VHF/UHF
Which is longer, the port shaft or the starboard shaft? STBD
How many modes are associated with IFF? Five
MCB recently installed a new system located mid-ship. What is the name of the system and what is it used for? NULKA MK 53/ASMD
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