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Medical Terminology

Module 3b - additional info

mastication the action of chewing
deglutition the act of sallowing
a/tax/ia condition of lacking coordination
The brain and the spinal cord make up which nervous system? Central Nervous System
The Cardiovascular System is also known as the ______ System? Circulatory
the elbow is _____ to the wrist Proximal
the elimination of solid waste is a function of which body system? Gastrointestinal
the fibula is _____to the femur Distal
fluid between cells is called _____ fluid Interstitial
home/o/therapy treatment with a substance similar to the causative agent of the disease
hom/o/blast similar immature formative cell
hydr/o/cyst/ic pertaining to cyst with watery content
iatr/o/genic caused by medical personnel, medical procedures or exposure to environment of a health care facility
immun/o/logy science dealing with all aspects of immunity
The Integumentary System relates to the function and abilities of which organ? Skin
is/o/cyt/osis condition of cells of equal size
Karyotype the appearance or arrangement of chromosomes in the nucleus
klept/o/mania compulsive stealing
the largest organ in the body skin
later/al pertaining to the side
lei/o/derm/ia abnormal smoothness and glossiness of the skin
lept/o/dactyl/y abnormal slenderness of digits
ligaments attach bones to _______? Bones
lip/oid resembling fat
laying face down prone
laying face up supine
The lymphatic system is also known as the ______ system? Immune
medi/al pertaining to towards the midline of the body
the metacarpals are _______ to the carpals? distal
muc/o/enter/itis inflammation of the mucous membrane around the intestines
The muscles and bones make up which body system? Musculoskeletal
necr/osis death of cells or group of cells
olig/uria scanty urine output
Organs are made up of these tissues
orth/o/pnea best breathing in the upright position
path/o/genic disease producing
pertaining to the side lateral
pharmac/o/logy study of drugs
phon/al pertaining to sound/voice
phot/o/phobia sensitivity to light
physi/o/therapy treatment that uses physical agents: exercise and massage
poikil/o/cyt/osis cells of irregular shape or size
polyp/osis condition of having polyps
poster/o/later/al pertaining to the back and side
the powerhouse of the cell? mitochondria
the process where complex substances are broken down to simpler substances and energy is released? catabolism
py/o/pneum/o/thorax chest filled with pus and free air
radi/o/log/ist physician who specializes in the practice of diagnostic radiology
the radius lies _______ to the ulna lateral
salping/ectomy removal of the fallopian/uterine tubes
the smallest living entity in the human body? cell
spher/oma round shaped tumor
spir/oid resembling coil shaped
tox/emia blood poisoning
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