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Pain & Holistic


A sensation of hurting or strong discomfort Pain
T or F- Pain is a warning that something in the body is functioning normally False
What are two realms of pain? Physical and Mental
Large diameter nerves include Touch, heat, cold
Small diameter nerves include Painful impulses
The Acronym P.A.I.N. stands for.. Place, Amount, Interactions, Neutralizers
The three types of pain are Acute, chronic, and terminal
What is considered a great milestone to treating pain? Patient controlled analgesia pump
What are four types of biofeedback? EEG, skin temperature, Cephalic blood volume-pulse, and electromyographic.
What is imagery? Imagining a pleasant scene or experience in order to relax and increase endorphins.
What does TENS stand for? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
What is massage? Manipulation, methodical pressure, and kneading of the body
What is the name of John Diamond's book? The Life Energy in Music
What do emotions effect? Every organ and tissue in the body
What is Holistic health? Philosophy that relates to the whole rather than part of the body.
What is a lifestyle? The consistent, integrated way of life of an individual.
What is more common in those who eat more fat and less fiber? Bowel cancer
True or false- There are two types of stress; stress and distress True
What is type a behavior? having high stress levels
What are the 5 broad dimensions of our health? Physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, and spiritual.
Who can holism be traced back to? Hipocrates
What can laughter and play be described as? Internal jogging
Who described love as a learned, emotional reaction? Leo Buscaglia
What is autohypnosis? Self- induced hypnosis that works best when the individual is motivated.
What is relaxation used for? Modifying muscle tension and reduce stress.
True or False - Laughter can relieve pain True
Dentists and physicians have discovered what about music? It is a pain reliever.
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