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What is the eriology of refractive errors it is unknown
The diadnosis ususally involves what testing for visual acuity
Styes usually result from what infection Staphylococcus
What is usually necessary in most cases to diagnose a stye Visual examination
Corneal abrasions may be produced by what foreign bodies such as dirt, dust, or mental particles trapped between the cornea and the eyelid
What is instilled in the affected eye to help highlight the presence of any corneal lesion flouorescein stain
What else may be involved in diagnosing Corneal Abrasion medical history and visual examination
what are caused by a change in chemical composition of the lens so that there is a loss of lens transparency cataract
What can theses changes be caused by aging, eye injuries, certain diseases, birth defects
What diagnostic preocedures are used to diagnose cataracts Opthalmoscopy, penlight exam, slit-lamp exam
What is a primary form of Glaucoma open-angle glaucoma
Glaucoma may be induced by certain__? drugs or toxins
What do they use to detect elevated intaocular pressure tonometer
What is essential to determine whether retinal surface has occurred in glaucoma Opthalmoscopic inspection
What should be suggested to determine glaucoma Positive family history
Retinal detachment is usually caused by what head trauma
What of the outer layer also may cause the condition Hemorrhages or tumors
What disease may be prediposed to the Retinal detachment diabetes mellitus
What diagnostic procedure is used to determine retinal detachment Opthalmoscopic
Macular degeneration generally is a result of what aging process
What are some risk factors for Macular degeneration increasing age, farsightedness, light iris color, positive family history, cigarette smoking
Macular degeneration may be detected during what A routine eye exam
What may be used to determine macular degeneration flourescein angiography
What is used to detect small changes in vision when they first appear Amsler's chart or grid
Conjunctivitis is caused by what infection from certain viruses or bacteria
These highly infectious forms of the disease is commonly called what pinkeye
What will reveal inflammation of the conjunctivae Physical Examination
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