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Human Relations/Communication

Voice Mail type of answering system used to store and forward messages for someone who is unavailable
Toll Call telephone call for which charges apply
Speakerphone Telephone with a microphone designed for hands-free communication
Telecommunication transmission of voice and/or data using telephone lines or wireless means
Conference Call call in which three or more people at various locations participate
Telephone Reference Aid a sheet of alphabetized names and telephone numbers near a telephone for reference.
Triage process of determining priority order of patients by level of urgency "To Sort"
Telephone Log written, dated record of all telephone calls
Answering service Business that specializes in taking and relaying telephone messages when offices are closed
Screening Process of asking good questions to evaluate and determine the action to be taken on a telephone call or to determine the person who should receive the telephone call
Call backs Term indicating that a return telephone call is necessary
Emergency care Medical care given for a serious medical condition resulting from injury or illness that if not given immediately puts a person's life in danger
Protocol Set of instructions used for reference that prescribes strict adherence to correct etiquette and preference
The most important public relations responsibility of medical assistant is to place, receive, and screen telephone calls for the office.
How long does it take a person to pick up on your attitude from listening to the tone of a voice? On average 10 seconds
When answering a phone call... try to answer within 3 rings and state the name of the practice as well as your own name
The length of time you should check back with a patient on hold every 30 seconds
Speed Dialing- electronically stores frequently dialed numbers
Call Forwarding allows all incoming calls to be automatically directed to another internal station
Caller ID- reveals the name and telephone number on a display panel before the call is answered
Common types of calls in the medical office Appointments/Referrals Emergencies/Hospitals Prescription refills Test results
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