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Skeletal System

epi- prefix upon, over epidemic
syn-, sym- prefix with, together synostosis, symphysis
crani- BFN skull craniometry
front- BFN frontal bone frontoparietal
pariet- BFN parietal bone parietotmporal
tempor- BFN temporal bone temporomandibular
occipit- BFN occipital bone occipitotemporal
maxill- BFN maxilla maxillofacial
mandibul- BFN mandible mandibular
scapul- BFN scapula scapulopexy
cleid- BFN clavicle sternocleidal
clavicul- BFN clavicle costoclavicular
acrom- BFN acromium acromiohumeral
radi- BFN radius radiobicipital
uln- BFN ulna ulnar
carp- BFN carpus, wrist bones carpal
phalang- BFN phalanges hyperphalangism
spondyl- BFN vertebra(e) spondyloschisis
vertebr- BFN vertebra(e) vertebrocostal
stern- BFN sternum sternodynia
cost- BFN rib costotome
sacr- BFN sacrum sacrocoxalgia
coccyg- BFN coccyx coccygectomy
pelv(i)-, pelv- BFN pelvis pelvimetry, intrapelvic
ili- BFN ilium iliolumbar
ischi- BFN ischium ischiopubic
pub-, pubi- BFN pubis subpubic, pubiotomy
cox- BFN hip joint coxitis
acetabul- BFN hip joint acetabuloplasty
femor- BFN femur femorotibial
patell- BFN patella, knee cap infraoatellar
tibi- BFN tibia tibiofemroal
fibul- BFN fibula fibulocalcaneal
tars- BFN tarsus, ankle bones tarsalgia
tal- BFN talus talocalcaneal
calcane- BFN calcaneum, calcaneus calcaneodynia
oste- BFN bone osteogenic
myel- BFN bone marrow myelopoiesis
arthr- BFN joint arthrotomy
articul- BFN joint articular
burs- BFN bursa bursolith
synovi- BFN synovial fluid, membrane snyovial
chondr- BFN cartilage chondropathy
condyl- BFN condyle condyloid
tendin- BFN tendon tendinitis
ten-, tenont- BFN tendon tenoplasty, tenontodynia
desm- BFN ligament desmectasia
rachi-, rach(i)- BFN spine rachiocampsis, rachicentesis
spin- BFN spine spinalgia
fibr- BFN fiber fibroid
sarc- BFN flesh sarcophagous
ankyl- BFA bent, fused ankylodactylia
campt-, camps- BFA curved, bent camptomelia, dactylocampsis
-ar SFA relating to patellar
-clasis (cla/sis), -clasia (cla/sia) TFN fracture osteoclasis, arthroclasia
-edema (ede/ma) TFN swelling acroedema
-necrosis (necr/o/sis) TFN death, dead condition cardionecrosis
-osteosis (oste/o/sis), -ostosis (ost/o/sis) TFN ossification, calcification synosteosis, sarcostosis
-phyte (phyt/e) TFN growth arthophyte
-physis (phy/sis) TFN growing, growth synarthrophysis
-thesis (the/sis) TFN putting, placing osteosynthesis
Created by: meaghan-mercer