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Substances, Fluids

ad- prefix to,toward,near
a-, ab- prefix away from, from
sub- prefix under
capn- BFN carbon dioxide, smoke
ox(y)-, ox(i)- BFN oxygen, acid
ferr(i)-, ferr- BFN iron
corn(i)-, corn(u)-kerat- BFN horn, horn like
lith- BFN stone, calculus
hal(i)-, halsal(i)- BFN salt
hyal-vitr(i)- BFN glass, glassy
glyc-, glucsacchar- BFN sugar glycemia,
myc-, mycet- BFN fungus
seb-, seb(i)- BFN grease
adip-lip- BFN fat
amyl- BFN starch
blenn-muc-,muc(i)-myx- BFN mucus
py- BFN pus
ptyal-sial- BFN salivia
ole- BFN oil
acet-,acet(i)- BFN acid, vinegar
hydr- BFN water
hidr- BFN sweat
galact-lact-, lact(i)- BFN milk
pry-, pyret- BFN fire, fever
aden- BFN gland
carcin- BFN cancer
crin- BFV to secrete
-agogue SFN agent inducing flow
-ase SFN enzyme
-in SFN substance
-ad SFA toward, in the direction of
-ate SFA having
-eal SFA relating to
-form SFA having the shape of
-ose SFA full of, pertaining to
-fy SFV to make
-ferous (fer/ous), -ferent (fer/ent) TFA bearing, carrying
-genic (gen/ic), -genous (gen/ous) TFA causing, caused by
-omatous (o/mat/ous) TFA pertaining to tumors
-oma (o/ma) TFN tumor
-omatosis (o/mat/o/sis) TFN tumorous condition
-poiesis (poie/sis) TFN production
-rrhea (rrhe/a) TFN flow
-therapy (therap/y) TFN treatment
Created by: meaghan-mercer