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Human A&P

Chapter 12

Pus A mixture of dead, neutrophils, broken down tissue cells
Humor immunity Immunity provided by antibodies present in the body fluids
Chemotaxis The attraction of phagocytes and abc to an area as a result of the release of inflammatory chemicals like kinens
Pyrogens Chemical secreted by white blood cells and macrophages that causes body temperature to be rest at a higher point
Histamine Inflammatory chemical that increase capillary permeability, allowing plasma to leak from the blood stream into the tissue spaces which cause local swelling
Allograft tissue from an unrelated person
Autograft tissue translated foreman site to another in the same person
Allergens antigen that triggers the body to produce an abnormal response
Acute Hypertension Reaction that is triggered by the release of a flood of histamine when IgE antibodies bind to mast cells
IgG Most abundant antibody in the plasma representing 75-85% of the circulating antibodies, only one on a placenta barrier
IgE Antibody that binds to mast cells and basophils and triggers the release of histamine and other chemicals that mediate inflammation and allergic response
IgA Antibody that bathes and protects mucosal surfaces and plays a major role in preventing, pathogens from gaining entrance to the body
Created by: abby_bertram