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Skin Diseases 04

Haney Skin Prognosis 04

Psoriasis may cause psychological diseases T/F. True.
Prognosis for Urticaria is what good
Can acne kill you? Probably not.
T/F The scarring from alopecia is temporary false
T/F Furuncles and Carbuncles are recurrent true
T/F Lice will devour your brain. false
What population are decubitus ulcers most common in? Elderly and very sedentary lifestyle
Dermatophytoses typically are (describe length) chronic and persistant
Can corns and calluses be removed yes
T/F Warts are easily removed and do not often reoccur false
Discoid Lupus Erythematosus is a(n) ________ condition (acute or chronic) chronic
Which form of Scleroderma most likely is fatal? Systemic
T/F The prognosis for all forms of dermatitis is good true
Shingles runs its course in ____ to _____ days 7 to 10
Skin carcinomas have a ___% cure rate 90
The prognosis for malignant melanoma is poorer if the lesion grows ______ rather than _______ vertically;horizontally
Created by: AzraeL36