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Chronic skin disease marked by the appearance of discrete pink or red lesions, with no known prevention. Psoriasis
Avoiding the causative agent is the best means of preventing urticaria. Urticaria
Inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, there is no known prevention. Acne Vulgaris
There is no known preventions for some forms, for others early treatment of any disease known to cause alopecia. Alopecia
Prevention includes good hygiene and avoidance of infected persons Impetigo
Prevention includes good personal hygiene and prevention of any infectious process. Furuncles and Carbuncles
Prevention includes good hygiene, avoiding contact with infested persons, and not haring combs, brushes, or clothing. Pediculosis
Prevention includes frequent repositioning of patients who are immobilized and gentle massage of pressure areas to increase circulation. Decubitus Ulcer
Following proper hygiene practices is the best means of preventing this. Dermatophytoses
Prevention includes wearing well-fitting shoes and avoiding any trauma to the feet or hands. Corns and calluses
Transmitted through direct contact, avoiding contact with people that have it. Warts
Connective-tissue disorder characterized by a superficial, localized inflammation of the skin. There is no known prevention. Discoid Lupus Erythematosus
No known prevention, except to prevent complications of the disease. Avoid cold, stress, and trauma. Scleroderma
Adequate diet and sleep, regular exercise, sensible work habits, and a reduction of stress may help prevent the disease. Seborrheic Dermatitis
The best prevention for this acute skin inflammation is avoidance of known allergens or irritants. Contact Dermatitis
Inflammation of the skin, the disease is common among infants. Prevention is avoidance of known irritants. Atopic Dermatitis
There is no specific prevention other than avoiding contact with persons with the visible virus. Cold Sores and Fever Blisters
Acute inflammatory eruption of highly painful vesicles on the trunk and sometimes the face, no specific prevention for shingles. Herpes Zoster
Best prevention is to avoid overexposure to the sun. Sun damage to the skin is cumulative, so sunscreens and protective measures should be used throughout life. Skin Carcinomas
Avoiding overexposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays and seeking prompt treatment for any suspected lesions are the best prevention. Look for warning signs of a suspicious lesion. Malignant Melanoma
Prevention includes frequently changing diapers and keeping the perianal area dry and clean. Diaper Rash
Common childhood skin disease that may be chronic and familial in nature. Atopic Dermatitis
Skin infestation with lice, a parasitic insect. More common in children than in adults. Pediculosis
General term referring to superficial fungal infections of the skin. Dermatophytosis
Localized hyperplasia of the stratum corneum. Will exhibit as a lesion with an indefinite border. Calluses
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