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______ has made extraordinary advances in modern medicine Technology
Most primary care providers will admit that the most sophisitcated medical care may fail the client, as well as the disease, is not part of the _______ __________ Treatment Protocol
encouraging laughter, play, relaxation and mediation are all types of what? ways to reduce stress
Who described the mind as "an enlivening energy in the information realm throughout the brain and body that enables the cells to talk to each other and the outside to talk to the whole organism" Candace Pert
The mind has everything to do with our ______ health
Our emotions effect all of our ______ and _______ organs and tissues
It appears that sustained negative emotions over a long period of time can seriously hinder the body's ________ system immune
A system of care that considers the needs of the whole person is Holistic Medicine
Who emphasized the environmental causes and treatment of illness Hippocrates
________ is the consistent, integrated way of life of an individual, as typified by mannerisms, attitudes, and possessions Lifestyle
Parents who provide a model of healthful living will influence their children toward a _______ lifestyle healthy
Increased knowledge and awareness of blood cholesterol levels and their effect on health can encourage better _____ diet
___________ of the internal healing system in the body leads to greater health Acknowledgement
Personal responsibility requires a person to act safely in a potentially __________ situation dangerous
Personal health and well-being are greatly influenced by ____________ , both internal and external environment
________ environment factors include the genetic traits, familial tendencies, and physical and psychological characteristics inherent in each person Internal
________ environmental factors include the air we breathe, the water we drink,the food we eat, and the surroundings in which we live and work External
_______ environmental factors are not easily controlled changed, or altered Internal
Familial tendencies are almost as difficult to influence as ________ genetics
Physical and ___________ characteristics and attitudes can be altered; but deliberate consistent and continuous efforts must be instituted before changes occur psychological
_________ environmental influences are more easily managed External
Improper nutrition may result in.. body disorders or diseases
_________ cancer is more common among groups of people who consume high ammounts of animal fat and little fiber Bowel
There is evidence that _______ cancer may be linked to high-fat and low-fiber dietary pattern adn that where there is high meat consumption breast
"_____" stress enables that body to meet the challenges of everyday activity good
________ , tends to be a negative influence Distress
When stress occurs in quantities that the system cannot handle, it may produce ____________ changes pathological
How persons deal with their emotions has much to do with their ________ health physical
_______ can be categorized as positive or negative Emotions
________ has been described as "internal jogging" Laughter
In both friendship and love, we must be willing to assume responsibilty for ourselves and be able to ______ ______ take risks
A _____ in something or someone greater and more powerful than ourselves can make the most desolate of times a little less frustrating faith
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