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European Cinema

learn about the early french film makers

what technique wasn't considered very important in the first batch of films ever made? acting
the earliest films were considered to be a combo of which 4 art forms theater, literature, fine art, theater
He invented dioramas which were presented on screen. Louis Daguire
Who invented the Kinetiscope Thomas Edison
what was a major problem with the kinetiscope it was very very heavy
what device was popularized to replace the kinetiscope the cinematograph
who was notoriously addicted to opium jean cocteau
what was so special about making photographic equipment at the turn of the century? it was a very profitable business
Who had the biggest photography factory in europe? the lumiere brothers
In 1895 how much did a group of 10 1-minute films cost? 1 frank
What does cinematograph mean writing the movement
The lumiere bros implemented this new camera element perspective angles
The most productive French director + total count of films George millier - 500
what 2 other features did the cinematograph have other than the ability to shoot the abilities to duplicate reels, and to project them
how much did the cinematographe weigh only 10 pounds
Who invented autochrome / desaturated color film Louie Lumiere
who embraced his suffering soul to tell stories jean cocteau
where did jean cocteau get his financing from coco chanell
which director made a trip to the moon George Millier
Contrast Lumiere from Millier films Lumiere was more documentary style, done in one shot.
What was George Millier prior to his film career which inspired his work he was a magician, inspired illusory effects
who founded dada, when and where? 1916 by Hugo Ball and Emy Hennings in Zurich
what is the only straightforward thing about dada how it conciously breaks conventions
Surrealism was a more ____ than dadaism organized movement
who started surrealism, and when? Andre Breton in 1924
What sort of characters appear in poetic realism? Characters that are rushing to their fate
What momement in french cinema emphasizes circumstance and temperance? poetic realism
What are two major characteristics of sets in poetic realism films they are claustrophobic and stylized
What was one of Jean Renoir's biggest flops Nana
La grande illusion is about relation ships between _____ and ______ people and nations
What were the 2 people that majorly inlfuenced Jean Renoir Charlie Chaplin and Eric von Stronheim
which director and writer duo were usually pessimistic and made doom-laden stories? Marcel Carne and Jacques Prevert
Which Poetic realist director had a long aprenticeship Marcel Carne
Which film would the french government blame if they lost WWII? Marcel Carne's Quai des brumes or Port of Shadows
Which 3 films represent the success of Carne and Prevert, while representing pre, during, and post war periods? Daybreak, Les Visiterus du Soir, Children of Paradise
Which Carne / Prevert film deals with the struggle of the working class? Daybreak
dada : surrealism = anarchy : dreams
how did surrealism first start out as a literary movement
who inspired surrealism sigmund freud
when did arletty become a star after appearing in Carnes Hotel de nord
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