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Haney GenpathC14-12

What are the general sign and symptoms of Refractive Errors? Refractive errors may include squinting, headaches, and frequent rubbing of the eyes.
List the sign and symptoms of Nystagmus? Continuous horizontal, vertical, or circular eye movements. The individual may report blurred vision.
The sign and symptoms of Stye are? The main symptoms is pain and tenderness of an intensity directly related the amount of swelling. There is redness at the site.
Sign and symptoms of Corneal Abrasion are? Pain, redness, and tearing are common symptoms. Person may experience a sensation that something is constantly in eye. Visual acuity may be impaired depending upon the size and location of the abrasion.
The sign and symptoms of Cataracts consist of? Gradual loss or blurring of vision is common. Some people report seeing halos around lights, and some have problems driving at night do to the glare of car lights. Cataract matures, the pupil of the the eye may appear white to an observer. Painless.
Sign and Symptoms of Glaucoma are? Most forms of Glaucoma develop asymptomatically and often not detected. Mild aching in the eyes and visual disturbances and loss of peripheral vision.
What are the sign and symptoms of Retinal Detachment? The individual with retinal detachment may see floating spots or flashes of light. The retina detaches from the choroid surface, there will be a progressive loss of vision. Condition is painless.
The sign and symptoms of Macular Degeneration are? Starts with the appearance of spots on the retina. Mild visual loss with distortion. Early macular degeneration no symptoms but degeneration does occur. Painless visual loss and distortion. Unable to read or do close work.
List the signs and symptoms of Conjunctivitis? Red, swollen conjunctivae, that may itch, burn, or cause pain especially when blinking. The eyes may tear excessively and may be overly to light, although conjunctivitis rarely affects vision.
What are the sign and symptoms of Uveitis? Pain, intense photophobia, blurred vision, redness, and constricted pupils. Physician may note severe ciliary congestion, tearing, and a pupil that is non reactive when exposed to light.
Signs and Symptoms of Blepharitis are? Individuals may experience burning and itching or the feelings of a foreign body in the eyes. Eyes usually appear red-rimmed. Both dry and oily scales may be present on the eyelid margins.
What are the sign and symptoms of Keratitis? Irritation, tearing, and photophobia. Prolonged exposure to dry air or intense light is the cause of keratitis, symptoms are exhibited about 12 hours later. Later the person experiences sever photophobia.
The sign and symptoms of Strabismus are? There may be diplopia and blurred vision. The affected eye will appear to wander. If the both eyes are involved, they may appear crossed, or give a child a walleyed appearance.
List the sign and symptoms of Impacted Cerumen? There may be a gradual loss of hearing, and the person may notice a feeling of fullness in the ear or experience tinnitus.
The sign and symptoms of External Otitis? Severe pain, pruritus, and a red, swollen ear canal are common presenting symptoms. Drainage from the ear may be either purulent or watery. Fever and hearing loss may result.
What are the sign and symptoms of Otitis Media? A person with serous otitis media usually experiences only a sensation of fullness or pressure in the affected ear, along with varying degrees of hearing impairment.Suppurative otitis media includes pain in the affected ear. Fever, chills, nausea.
Signs and Symptoms of Otosclerosis? Gradual bilateral hearing loss of low tones or soft sounds is the first sign. Tinnitus may accompany the condition. Affected clients may turn their head to hear better or may notice they cannot use the phone on the affected ear.
What are the sign and symptoms of Motion Sickness? Loss of equilibrium, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diaphoresis, headache, and anorexia. Symptoms may disappear almost imediately after the inciting motion has ceases, or they may persist for hours or days.
List the sign and symptoms of Meniere's Disease? Sever verigo, tinnitus, and sensorineural hearing loss. An acute attack of vertigo may cause nausea, vomiting, sweating, and loss of balance. These attacks may occur several times a year. But remissions also can last several years.
Created by: coon44