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Ch 13 study guide

the two functional divisions of the PNS are the __(1)____ division sensory
in which the nerve fiber type called ____(2)_____ carries impulses toward the CNS afferent
and the ___(3)___ division motor
in which the nerve fiber type called ___(4)____ carried impulses away from the CNS. efferent
the motor division of the PNS includes two types of fibers, the ____(5)____ and ____(6)____ motor nerve fibers. somatic; autonomic
skeletal muscles are innervated by __(7)___ fibers somatic motor
whereas visceral organs are innervated by ___(8)___ fibers. autonomic motor
arrange elements in order of stimulation 1. receptor 2. sensory 3. spinal nerve 4. dorsal root of spinal nerve 5. spinal cord 6. motor nerve fiber 7. bentral root 8. spinal nerve 9. ventral ramus of spinal nerve 10. effector
in skeletal muscles; respond to muscle stretch proprioceptor; mechanoreceptor
in the walls of blood vessels; respond to oxygen content of surrounding interstitial fluid interceptor; chemoreceptor
in the skin; responds to a hot surface exteroceptor; thermoreceptor
in the eyes; responds to light exteroceptor; photoreceptor
in the inner ear; responds to sound exteroceptor; mechanoreceptor
in the skin; respond to acid splashing on the skin exteroceptor; nociceptor
in the wall of blood vessels; respond to blood pressure interceptor; mechanoreceptor
in the stomach wall; respond to an overfull stomach interceptor; mechanoreceptor
in the nose; respond to a skunk's spray exteroceptor; chemoreceptor
name the four functional types of never fibers somatic afferent ; somatic efferent ; visceral afferent ; visceral efferent
Created by: fugatejay8722