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2R151 VOL 1


Maintenance activities are exercised in peacetime in order to meet wartime requirements
Who ensures aircraft maintenance data is accurate by establishing and supporting a data integrity team (DIT)? Maintenance Group commander
Which system will the Technical Order Distribution Office (TODO) use to establish records for all technical order accounts? Enhanced Technical In formation Management System (ETIMS)
What squadron is functionally aligned under the Maintenance Group commander? Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Which section within an Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) maintains Dash- 21 equipment? Support
Which squadron maintains aerospace g round equipment (AGE), munitions, off-equipment aircraft, and support equipment components? Maintenance Squadron
Which flight contains the repair and reclamation. wheel and tire, transient alert, and aircraft inspection section? Maintenance
Which Maintenance Management Analysis (M MA) function computes attrition and spare factors? Production Analysis
What must be identified when the concept for current systems and equipment must be changed? The specific levels of maintenance
Which maintenance objective includes organizing and equipping in the most effective manner possible? Training constantly for wartime operations
ldentify the category and location of maintenance performed for wing reskinning On-equipment, Air force Materiel Command (APMC)
What are the levels of maintenance? Depot, organizational, and intermediate
Which maintenance approach employs all levels of maintenance? Three-level maintenance (3LM)
Who must provide guidance on minimizing the use of hazardous materials in the maintenance processes? Maintenance Engineering
Aircraft used to be delivered to the Air force with a recommended maintenance program before the Air Force adopted which program? Reliability-centered maintenance
When is the dock method of inspection used? When requirements dictate the use of a fixed location
What type of maintenance is considered scheduled maintenance? Correcting delayed or deferred discrepancies
Who may increase the frequency of scheduled inspections when required for temporary situations? Local commander
The five basic inspection concepts are periodic, aerospace vehicle manufacture, phase, isochronal, and programmed depot maintenance
A pre flight inspection what type of check? Flight Preparedness Check
Which inspection sub-element is required before the first flight of a specified flying period? Preflight
What is the final visual and operational inspection of the jet before flight end-of-runway inspection
Which inspection requires skills, equipment, or facilities not normally possessed by operating locations? Programmed depot maintenance
A 30-day calendar inspection is required when an aircraft has be out for commission for more than 30-consecutivc days
When are aircraft in programmed depot maintenance (PDM) exempt from a 90-day calendar inspection? only when the minimum requirements were accomplished as part of the PDM package and 90 days have not elapsed
Which publication contains the formula for computing dock capability? Air Force Instruction (AFI) 2 1- 101
If your inspection interval is 200 hours and your aircraft. maintenance unit (AMU) has 20 aircraft, how many hours of time remaining to inspection between each aircraft should you maintain? 10
TO 00-20- 1, Aerospace Equipment Maintenance Inspection. Documentation Policies and Procedures states that the key to effectively managing dock inspections is to schedule them as far in advance as possible
How many categories of publications are there? 2
Which is a directive publication? Instructions
For which category of publication is compliance expected but not mandatory? Nondirective
An example of a field publication is AMCI 21- 101
What is the purpose of a digital publications in the Air Force reduce the number of paper copies
Which Air Force publications provide information of a highly specific nature? Specialized
What type of numbering system is used for Air Force instructions, manuals, and numbered letters to simplify reference and control? Double-numbering system
Interim changes are developed by the Air Force lo make changes to mission-essential in formation
How many administrative changes are allowed to an Air Force publication before it must be rewritten? No limit
Air Force administrative changes are listed chronologically
What is the minimum percentage of an Air Force publication that requires revision for the entire publication to be rewritten? 50
To apply for a waiver for the office of primary responsibility (OPR), the request is sent through e-mail or memorandum
Extensions to Air Force publications are primarily granted to allow continued usage of a component whose service life has been exceeded
Waivers or extensions for an Air Force publication remain in effect until they are canceled by the approving official
Air Force technical orders (TO) arc published under whose authority? Secretary of the Air force
In regard to technical orders, the Air Force's objective is to reach a "near paperless" technical order operation
Which Air Force technical order system is the official listing of active technical orders? Air Force TO Catalog
An Air Force technical order may have a second title page, numbered T- 2, to provide space for required warnings and notices
When a preliminary Air Force technical order (TO). or formal TO containing procedures which are unverified, what will be includcd to check the to condition before attempting to use any procedure? Verification status page
How many major types of technical orders (TOs) arc authorized for use? 5
Which type of technical order (TO) is designed to meet the needs of Air Force personnel engaged in or being trained to operate, maintain, service, overhaul, install, and inspect items of equipment and material? Operation(s) and maintenance
Which type of technical order (TO) tells the what, when, why, and how of general subjects? Methods and procedures
Which type of index technical order (TO) lists all TOs applicable to a specific military system and related end items? List of Applicable Publications
Which Air Force technical order (TO) does a numbering specialist use to assign TO numbers? 00- 5- 18
How many groups of numbers may be used in an Air Force technical order (TO) numbering pattern? 7
Which part of an Air Force technical order (TO) number identifies the category? First
What type of aircraft does the letter "F" in Air Force technical order (TO) number IF- I 6C-06-11 indicate? Fighter
What letter is used in group one of an Air Force technical order (TO) number for rocket engines? K
When may the use of five or more groups be necessary to complete an Air Force technical order (TO) number? When a TO has been extended by sectionalizing
Revisions may be prepared to an existing technical order (TO) style and format, depending on cost effectiveness and usability as determined by whom? TO manager
An Air Force technical order (TO) change title page has the word "CHANGE", a change number, and a change date added at the bottom right corner of the title page
Rapid action changes (RAC) are digital Air Force technical order (TO) change files distributed electronically and used in place of interim supplements
Which Air Force instruction (AFI) outlines procedures for requesting TO waivers? AFI 21- 303
All time compliance technical order (TCTO) waivers arc recorded in accordance with which Air Force technical order? 00-5-1 and 00-5-15
Which publication provides the information needed to understand the scope and purpose of the Air Force Technical Order System? TO 00-5-1
Which Air Force publication covers symbols and their use? TO 00-20-1
Which Air force publication provides procedures for forecasting replacement requirements for selected calendar and hourly time change items (TCI)? TO 00-20-9
Which Air Force publication outlines the types and scope of depot maintenance support? 5
Which symbol indicates the condition of the equipment is unknown and a more serious condition may exist? Red -
Which symbol is entered in the appropriate maintenance documents immediately upon receipt of an urgent action or category 1, routine action safety modification TCTO? Red /
Which AFTO form provides space for recording flight crew, space member, and mission accomplishment information and also provides the takeoff and landing times? 781 Form
Which AFTO 781 form is used to doc. maintenance status, servicing info, and provides reference as to the status of aerospace vehicle? H
What will improve the management of maintenance and increase productivity through a more timely and accurate process? The use of automated forms
Which AFTO 781 form is used to list calendar and hourly inspection items peculiar to the aerospace vehicle or equipment if space is not available on the AFTO form 781 K D
A review of the aircraft jacket file and associated decentralized records are accomplished how often? Annually
What statement will be entered in ink onto the original AFTO Form 95? Automated history started this date
Who is responsible to develop a local checklist for aircraft and equipment for a transfer inspection PS&D and quality assurance
Who will insure all actions are completed prior to permanently transferring an aircraft to another unit? PS
Which form is used to ensure an aerospace vehicle is complete and that all correctible discrepancies are complete? AFTO Form 345
What form is used when and aerospace vehicle is transferred to a Non-Air Force activity? DD Form 1149
An aircraft document review for units using fully automated AFTO 781-series forms is accomplished at least every 60 days
For cannibalization aircraft, you will conduct an aircraft document review at least every 30 days
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