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BYU O&I List - Dr. F

BYU O&I List for Dr. Feeland's Class

Teres Minor Middle half of the lateral border of the scapula Lowest of the facets on the greater tubercle Externally rotate the shoulder Axillary
Triceps Brachii 1: Infraglenoid tuberacle - long head; 2: Upper half of the posterior humerous - Later head; 3: Lower 1/4 of the posterior humerous - Medial head Olecranon Process Elbow extension and adduction Radial
Biceps Brachii 1: Supraglenoid tuberacel - Long head; 2: Coracoid process - Short head Radial Tuberosity Flexes the elbow Musculocutaneous
Rhomboid Minor Spinous process of C7-T1 Medial border of the scapula at the level of the spine Retracts and stabalizes scapula Dorsal Scapular
Deltoid 1: Lateral portion of the clavicle; 2: Acromion process; 3: Spine of the scapula Deltoid tuberosity Ant - flexes & internally rotates; middle portion - abducts the arm; posterior portion - extends & externally rotates Axillary
Rhomboid Major Spinous process of T2-T5 Medial border of the scapula below the level of the spine Retracts and stabilizes the scapula Dorsal Scapular
Brachialis Lower half of the anterior humerous Ulnar tuberosity Flexes the elbow Musculocutaneous
Subclavius 1st Rib Inferior surface of the cavicle Assists to stabilize the scapula Nerve to subclavius
Serratus Anterior Anterolateral aspect of the first 8-9 ribs Costal aspect of the medial border of the scapula Protracts and upwardly rotate Long Thoracic
Supraspinatus Supraspinus fossa 1st facet of the greater tuberacle Abducts the arm Suprascapular
Pectoralis Minor Outer surface of ribs 3-5 Caracoid Process Depresses the Scapula Medial Pectoral
Infraspinatus Infraspinus Fossa 2nd facet of the greater tubercle Externally rotate the shoulder Suprascapular
Trapezius 1: External occipital protuberance; 2: Ligementum Nuchae; 3: Spinous process of C1-T1 1: Posteriorlateral portion of the clavicle; 2: Medial Surface of the acromion; 3: Superior spine of the scapula Upper - Elevates scapula; Upper/lower - Upwardly rotate the scapula; Middle - Downwardly rotates the scapula Spinal Accesory
Lavator Scapulae Transverse process of upper 3-4 cervicle vertabrae Superior angle of the scapula Elevate the scapula Dorsal Scapular
Brachioradialis Lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus Styloid process of the radius Flexes the elbow; pronates the forearm Radial
Subscapularis Subscapular fossa Lesser tubercle of the humerous Internally rotate the arem Upper and Lower Subscapular
Coracobrahialis Coracoid process Medial shaft of the humerous at about its middle Flexes the shoulder Musculocutaneous
Teres Major Lower 1/3 of the scapula's lateral border Medial lip of the bicipital groove Internally rotates the arm; extends the arm Lower Subscapular
Anconeus Lateral epicondyle of the humerous Lateral surface of the olecranon process Elbow extension Radial
Pectoralis Major Medial portion of the clavicle and sternum at costal cartlidge Lateral lip of the bicipital groove Horizontal adduction Medial & Lateral Pectoral
Latissimus Dorsi 1: Spinous process of T7-L5; 2: Iliac crest; 3: Inferior angle of the scapula Bicipital groove Extends the shoulder Thoracodorsal
Semitendinosus Ischial tuberosity anteromedial aspect of the tibial shaft Extends hip; flexes knee Tibial
Semimembranosus Ischial tuberosity Pes Anserine Extends hip; flexes knee Tibial
Biceps femoris 1 - Long Head: ischial tuberosity; 2 - Short Head: Lateral lip of the linea aspera Head of the fibula Flexes the knee Tibial/Common Peroneal
Sartorius ASIS Pes Anserine Flexes hip; flexes knee Femoral
Rectus femoris Ant Head - AIIS; Post Head - just above the acetabulum Tibial Tuberosity Extends knee Femoral
Vastus lateralis Greater trachanter and lateral lip of linea aspera Tibial Tuberosity Extends knee Femoral
Vastus medialis Intertrochanteric line of femur and medial aspect of linea aspera Tibial Tuberosity Extends knee Femoral
Vastus intermedius antewrior lateral aspect of the femoral shaft Tibial Tuberosity Extends knee Femoral
Adductor magnus 1 - inferior pubic ramus, 2 - ischial tuberosity, 3 - ischial ramus Proximal 1/3 of linea aspera & adductor tubercle Adducts thigh Obturator
Adductor longus anterior surface of pubis, just inferior to the pubic ramus Medial lip of linea aspera on middle half of femus adducts thigh, flexes hip Obturator
Adductor brevis body & inferior pubic ramus Superior portion of linea aspera Adducts thigh, flexes hip Obturator
Gracilis Inferior pubic ramus Pes Anserine Adducts thigh, flexes knee Obturator
Pectineus Pectineal line of pubis Pectineal line of Femus Flexes hip, adducts thigh, medially rotates thigh Obturator
Created by: hmmhirschi