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Medical Terminology

Ch. 10 - Musculoskeletal/ Terms (final)

fracture breaking of a bone
simple (closed) fracture fracture w/out a skin wound
compound (open) fracture fracture w/ a wound on the skin
ankylosis stiffness and immobility of a joint
spondylosis degeneration of the verterbrae
sprain tearing of a ligament
strain over usage of a muscle; stretching a muscle beyond its elasticity
dislocation displacement of a bone from its normal position in a joint
subluxcation partial or incomplete dislocation
capal tunnel syndrome painful condition caused by a compression of the Median Nerve at the wrist
scoliosis abnormal lateral curvature of the vertebral column
kyphosis humpback, hunchback (backward curvature)
lordosis excessive anterior curvature at the lumbar area
arthritis inflammation of a joint
osteoarthritis inflammation of bone and joint
arthrography radiographic examination/ X-ray picture of a joint
discography radiographic examination/ X-ray picture of the intervertebral disk
myelography radiographic examination/ X-ray picture of a spinal cord
lumbosacral radiography radiographic examination/ X-ray picture of the lumbosacral region of the vertebral column
Computed Tomography (CT) imaging at cross sections from different angles
Magentic Resonance Imaging (MRI) imaging using strong magnetic fields
arthroscopy visual examination of a joint using an arthroscope
electromyography (EMG) recording the electric waves as they travel through the muscle
closed reduction manual correction of fracture w/out an incision
open reduction surgical correction of a fracture
casting application of a cast to immobilize the bones for healing
internal fixation fixation of a fracture using nails or plates and screws
arthrocentesis sugical puncture of a joint to remove fluid
arthrodesis surgical fixation of a joint
arthroclasia surgical breaking of a joint
osteoclasia surgical breaking of a bone
amputation surgical removal of a limb or part of a limb
bone grafting transplanting a piece of bone tissue from another bone of the body or from another person to the fracture site
laminectomy surgical removal of a lamina (part of vertebrae) to relieve pressure on the nerve (sciatic pain)
bursectomy surgical removal of a bursa (sac filled w/ fluid present around joints)
arthroplasty surgical repair of a joint
orthopedics the study of conditions and disorders related to the skeleton
orthopedist a physician specialied in treating conditions related to the skeleton
podiatry the medical caren of the human foot
podiatrist specialized in the treatment of foot condition
chiropractic a system of therapy using manipulation and adjustment of body structure
chiropractor a doctor of chiropractic who treats conditions related to the vertebral column
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