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Stack #215099

Neuro Unit II Lecture 2

What are the three parts of the gray matter? dorsal horn, intermediate zone, ventral horn
What is the fx of the dorsal horn? What does it contain? sensory info directly from dorsal roots and contains many sensory interneurons and projection cells
What is the fx if the ventral horn? What does it contain? Motor functions, containing motor neurons whose axons directly innervate skeletal muscle.
What is the fx of the intermediate zone? What does it contain? has characteristics of both the dorsal and ventral horns, but ALSO contains pregang autonomic neurons
What is a nuclei in the CNS? A cluster of functionally related neurons. Spinal neurons can be seen in histolog. sections.
Name the six important spinal nuclei and in what part of the gray matter they are in: Dorsal horn: Posteromarginal nuclei (marginal zone), Substantia gelatinosa, nucleus proprius
Intermed zone: Dorsal nucleus of clarke, Intermediolateral nucleus
Ventral horn: somatic motor nuclei (home of the "lower" motor neurons!
What nuclei is in what lamina? Laminas I, II, III, IV, V, IX, and VII? (See drawings!!) I: PSTM Nuclei, II: SG, III, IV, V: NP, IX: Somatic motor nuclei, VII: DN of clarke, IML nuclei
What is just dorsal to Lamina I? (remember what is located in LI? Dorsalateral fasciculus
What does the dorsal root split into just before it enters the sc? Where do the different divisions generally end up? (gray vs white matter) Medial division (enters in white matter, some stays there others go into gray matter!) and lateral division (enters and stays in gray matter). These are separated based on size
What kinds of fibers are in the medial division? The medial division splits into what? The medial division carries A-alpha and A-beta fibers (mylinated and lrg). They enter just dorsal/medial to dorsolateral funiculus, where it splits into collateral branches and an ascending branch.
For the medial division, entering below T7, where do the ascending fibers ascend w/i the sc? In the fasiculus gracilis in the lateral part of the dorsal funiculus. They go to the nucleus gracilis in the medulla on the SAME side as it enterd the SC.
For the medial division, entering above T6, where do the ascending fibers ascend w/i the sc? In the fasiculus cuneatus in the medial part of the dorsal funiculus. They go to the nucleus cuneatus in the medulla on the SAME side as it enterd the SC.
The lower something enterd the sc that is going to go into the dorsal columns, the ___________ it is located within the sc. more medial
T/F The A alpha/beta fibers synapes within the DRG. FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!
Where do the collateral branches from the medial division go? What about the lateral division? LIII-VII for the medial coll branches. LI and II for the lateral
What kinds of fibers are in the lateral division? C, unmylinated fibers and A delta, mylinated fibers. Both are slow conductors compared to A alpha/betas
What does somatotrophy mean? It reflects a general organizing principle of the CNS. This is like a "Map" of the body in the spinal cord.
Give motor example of somatotrophy in the sc. Motor neurons from flexors in the arms (in cervical enlrgm) & legs (in lumbar enlargmnt) are grouped together in the anterior medial parts of the gray matter while extensors do the same in the lateral parts of the anterior lateral gray matter!
Give sensory example of somatotrophy in the sc. Those that share similar fx are together: save space & connectivity. Medial fibers ascending in the fasiculus gracilis are from the areas lower than T7 (legs) while the lateral fibers ascending in the fasiculus cun. are from the areas above T6 (arms)
Parts of the white matter: Name the grooves 8 grooves all together: posteriolateral sulcus (2), Posterior intermediate sulcus (2), Posterior medial sulcus (1), Anterior lateral sulcus (2), Anterior medial fissure (1)
Parts of the white matter: Name the 4 paired columns and whether they go up/down/both Dorsal funiculi (up only), Lateral funiculi (both), Dorsolateral funiculi, Ventral funiculus (
Define a fasiculi bundles of fibers having different functions, origins, and terminations.
All levels of the spinal cord have what? dorsal/ventral horns, lateral/ventral funiculi. But sizes and proportions of them vary by location in the sc
As you move down the spinal cord, what happens to overall size of the cross sections? They get smaller due to a decrease in the amount of white matter
Where do you find the most white matter? The least? Why? In the cervical sc, because it contains fibers going to and from all spinal cord levels. Least closest to sacrum, b/c fewer decending fibers reach this area
In the dorsal columns, at what levels to you find/not find the: fasiculus gracilius or fasiculus cuneatus? FG: entire length
FC: Starting around T7
At what levels do you find the lateral somatic motor nuclei (lateral motor columns)? Are they in the thoracic region? Cervical and lumbosacral enlargements. NO
In what section do you find Clarkes nucleus and the intermediolateral nuclei (aka: enlarged lateral funiculi)? ONLY between T1-L2
Where do you get the largest expansion of the dorsal and ventral horns? Why? Cervical and lumbosacral enlargements due to the lrg amount of sensory in and motor out to arms and legs
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