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7 categories of disease infection,degenerative disease,nutritional disorders,metabolic disorders,immune disorders,neoplasms,psychiatric disorders
ex. of infection colds,aids,strep,,tb,and food poisoning
ex.of degenerative disease muscular dystrophy,cirrhosis of the liver,alzheimer,osteoporosis
ex.nutritional disorders scurvy-lack of vitamin c,beri-beri-lack of thiamine,rickits-lack of calcium
ex.metabolic disorders diabetes, gout,digestive disorders
ex.immune disorders rheumatoid arthritis,ms,sle
ex.neoplasms cancer and tumors
psychiatric disorders mental disorders
incidence of disease its range of occurrence and its tendency to affect certain groups of individuals more than other groups.
3 ways diseases can be classified on their severity and duration acute,chronic, and subacute
acute relatively severe but useally last a short time
chronic often less severe but are likeely to be continuous or recurring for long periods
subacute not as severe as acute infections but nor as long lasting as cronic disorders
iatrogenic disease results from the adverse effects of treatment
endemic disease a given disease is found to a lesser extent but continuousley in a particular region (cold)
naturopathy a philosophy of healping people to heal themselves by developing healthy lifestyles
chiropathy stresses manipulation to correct misalignment for treatment of musculoskeletal disorders
acupuncture chineses method of inserting thin needles into the body to promote healing
biofeedback teaches people to control involuntary responses such as hr and bp
name for when the whole body is infected systemic
opportunistic and infection that takes hold because the host has been compromized by disease
how can microorganisms be transferred indirectley through touching objects
normal flora population of microorganisms normally growing on and with in the body
cocci round
diplococci paired cocci(gonorrhea,meningitis)
streptococci chains
staphylococci large clusters(pneumonia,scarlet fever)
bacilli straight slender rods (tetanus,tb)
vibrios short rods,curvature (comma)
spirilla long and wave like (corkscrew)
spirochetes similar to spirilla,but have a waving twisting motion(syphllis)
rickettsiae and chlamydia classified bacteria
how are rickettsia like typhus and rockey mountain spotted fever transmitted insect bites
causes of trachoma and parrot fever chlamdiae
causes for chicken pox, ploio, common cold viruses
prion infectious particles composed solely of protein
what are yeast classified of fungi
mycotic infection disease caused by fungi
samples of mycotic infections athletes foot, ring worm,tinea capitis,tinea corporis
amebas an irregular mass of cytoplasm that propels itself by expanding part of its cell and then flowing into the extension
ciliates covered with tiny hairs called cillia that produce a wave action to propell organisims
flagellates long whiplike filaments called flagella to propell organsiams
Giardis flagellated protozoon that contaminates water supplies through out the world
sporozoa cannot propell themselves,obligate parasites,unable to grow out side a host
malaria and giardiasis are classified as protozoa
scientific name for worms helminths
what kind of worm is filaria roundworm
what kind of worm is filaria roundworm
how is the round worm trichina transmitted pork, and the meat of wild game
sterilization to kill every living microorganism on it
disinfection any measure that kills all pathogens but not necessarily kills all harmless microbes
antisepsis refers to any process in which pathogens are not necessary killed but are prevented from multiplying
most common method of sterilization steam under pressure in an autoclave
antibiotic a substance produced by living cells that has the power to kill or arrest the growth of bacteria
penicillin is made from blue mold,penicillium
process of identifying organisms in a lab bacterial isolations, test,staining,observing growth of cultures, oxygen requirements of a cell,ability of the bacteria to utilize various carbohydrates
what color do gram possitive bacteria appear under a micrscope bluish purple
what organism is the acid fast stain used to test for tuberculosis
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