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Ch 11 Vocab &Things

Chapter 11 People, Places, Vocab. MTMS, Mr. O'Dell

Jedediah Smith in 1820 this American mountain man visited the San Gabriel Mission east of present-day Los Angeles (PAGE(S) 472)
Alamo a small Texan force barricaded itself inside this mission and later all died (PAGE(S) 483)
Bear Flag Republic new country created by a small group of Americans that seized the town of Sonoma north of San Francisco (PAGE(S) 496)
Columbia River the United States based its claim on the Oregon Country on Robert Gray's exploration of this river (PAGE(S) 471)
Davy Crockett in 1835 lost his seat in Congress; left Tennessee and headed to Texas; died at the Battle of the Alamo (PAGE(S) 481)
General Antonio López de Santa Anna Mexican president who became a dictator and overthrew Mexico's constitution (PAGE(S) 482)
James K. Polk Democratic candidate elected president in 1844; from Tennessee; supported American claims for sole ownership of Oregon (PAGE(S) 475)
Jim Beckworth an African American mountain man from Virginia who explored Wyoming's Green River (PAGE(S) 472)
John Jacob Astor American merchant who organized the American Fur Company; his family became one of the wealthiest in America (PAGE(S) 472)
Joseph Smith founder of the Mormon church; killed by a crowd in Illinois (PAGE(S) 506)
Brigham Young led the Mormons to settle in Utah (PAGE(S) 506)
Deseret The town built in Utah by the Mormons trying to create a perfect society; now known as Salt Lake City, Utah (PAGE(S) 506)
Marcus Whitman he and his wife Narcissa went to Oregon in 1836 and built a mission among the Cayuse people (PAGE(S) 473)
Mexico declared its independence from Spain; battled with the United States over Texas (PAGE(S) 481)
Oregon Trail this pioneer trail ran from Independence, Missouri to the Columbia River; was named for its destination (PAGE(S) 474)
Santa Fe in 1610 the Spanish founded this settlement in the desert Southwest (PAGE(S) 491)
Texas The US claimed this territory as part of the Louisiana Purchase; Mexico disagreed and later invited Americans to settle there. (PAGE(S) 481)
William Becknell the first American trader to reach Santa Fe (PAGE(S) 491)
Manifest Destiny belief that the United States should spread out across the entire continent of North America according to God’s wishes (PAGE(S) 474)
Tejanos Mexican citizens living in Texas (PAGE(S) 480)
Stephen F. Austin American that recruited 300 American families to settle in Texas when it was controlled by Mexico (PAGE(S) 481)
David G. Burnet named the first president of the Republic of Texas without an election (PAGE(S) 484)
Sam Houston Commander of Texas army in the Republic of Texas; later elected president of the Lone Star Republic (PAGE(S) 484)
Annex to add a territory to a country’s own territory (PAGE(S) 486)
Boomtown a community experiencing a sudden growth in business or population. (PAGE(S) 503)
Californios Mexicans who lived in California (PAGE(S) 496)
Cede to give up land to another country by treaty (PAGE(S) 497)
Emigrant a person who leaves a country or region to live elsewhere (PAGE(S) 474)
Empresario a person who arranged for the settlement of land in Texas during the 1800s (PAGE(S) 481)
forty-niners people who went to California during the gold rush of 1849 (PAGE(S) 501)
joint occupation the possession and settling of an area shared by two or more countries, such as in Oregon Territory (PAGE(S) 471)
mountain man a frontiersman living in the wilderness, as in the Rocky Mountains; typically made money trapping and selling furs (PAGE(S) 472)
Ranchero Mexican ranch owner in California (PAGE(S) 492)
Rancho huge properties for raising livestock set up by Mexican settlers in California (PAGE(S) 492)
Rendezvous a meeting of the Mountain Men to sell furs and buy supplies (PAGE(S) 472)
vigilantes people who take the law into their own hands (PAGE(S) 504)
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo peace treaty that ended the Mexican-American War; it gave America land that today is California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. (PAGE(S) 497)
Created by: Mr. O'Dell