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Skin Disease


At what age can Psoriasis start? It can start at any age
True/False? Psoriasis is infectious? False it is noninfectious.
A chronic skin disease marked by the appearance of discrete pink or red lesions surrounded by a characteristic silvery scaling..is the definition of what disease? Psoriasis!!
what is a common complaint for Psoriasis? Pruritus is the most common complaint.
What is another name for Urticaria? Hives
What is Urticaria(hives)? an episodic inflammatory reaction of the capillaries beneath a localized area of the skin.
When a person has hives do the lesions move rapidly? yes they do they often move from one portion of the body to another.
Is the itching for hives intense or mild? It is very intense?
What is Acne Vulgaris? An inflammation disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, and is characterized by the appearance of comedos, papules, and pustules.
At what age does Acne Vulgaris appear in? At adolescents, but the lesions can appear at an earlier or later age, too.
What does the acne appear on the face as? As a whitehead or a blackhead
where does the color in blackheads come from? The color is caused by the melanin produced by the hair follicle, not by the dirt
Can scars appear if the acne is chronic? yes
What is Alopecia? The absence or loss of hair, especially on the head.
Does Alopecia occur gradually or fast? It occurs gradually, with advancing age.
How does Alopecia occur? it occurs either all at once or in patchy spots
What is Impetigo? A contagious superficial skin infection marked by vesicles or bullae that become pusular, rupture, and form yellow crusts.
Where is Impetigo most common at? On the mouth, nose, or neck.
What is a furuncles? A boil, an abscess involving the entire hair follicle and adjacent subcutaneous tissue.
What is Carbuncle? consists of several furuncles developing in adjoining hair follicles with multiple drainage sinuses.
What is Pediculosis? skin infestation with lice, a parasitic insect.
Where are the most common places for pediculosis? The body(pediculosis), the scalp(Pediculosis capitis), or the pubic area(Pediculosis pubis)
What is a Decubitus Ulcer? a localized area of dead skin and subcutaneous tissue.
What do the early signs of a Decubitus Ulcer include? shiny, reddened skin, usually appearing over a bony prominence.
What eventually occurs with a Decubitus Ulcer? small blisters, erosions, necrosis, and ulceration.
How can you tell when an Ulcer is infected? It would have a foul smell and purulent.
What is Dermatophtoses? A chronic, superficial fungal infection.
Where can Dermatophytoses occur? In the scalp, the body, nails, feet, or groin.
What is another name for athletes foot? Tinea Pedis
What is another name for a jock itch? Tinea Cruris
What is another name for a ringworm? Tinea Corporis
What are warts? warts are circumscribed, elevated skin lesions resulting from hypertrophy of the epidermis.
Who is affected the most by warts? Children.
Where are warts found the most at? On the surfaces of the fingers and hands.
Is the size, shape, and appearance of warts always the same. No they come will vary widely.
What are two things thay may accompany the warts? Tenderness and itching.
What is Discoid Lupus Erythematosus? A connective -tissue disorder characterized by a superficial, localized inflammation of the skin.
What is Scleroderma? A progressive, chronic, systemic disease characterized by diffuse fibrosis of the skin and internal organs.
How many forms can Scleroderma come in? Two.
What are the two forms that Scleroderma come in? Morphea and systemic scleroderma.
What is Morphea? It is purely a cutaneous disease, in which the skin becomes thickened and densely fibrous.
What is? Seborrrheic Dermatitis a chronic functional disease of the sebaceous glands marked by an increase in the amount and often alteration in the quality of the sebaceous secretion.
What is it called when Seborrheic Dermatitis occurs in infants? Cradle cap
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